Ch 12: Kinetics

About This Chapter

Watch this chapter's video lessons to explore kinetics and take short quizzes to gauge your understanding. Instructors cover topics such as rate laws, activation energy, catalysts, mechanisms and more.

Kinetics - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

From photosynthesis to combustion, chemical reactions keep the world moving, but how quickly do these changes take place? Our introduction to kinetics will examine the factors that affect the rate of chemical reactions. We'll see how to use experimental data to determine and interpret these rate laws. We'll turn up the heat with an entire lesson that predicts the effect of temperature on chemical reaction rates and tease apart reaction mechanisms to examine the sequence of steps that make up a chemical reaction.

Our brief, entertaining videos are full of graphics to help you comprehend these concepts. You can submit questions to an instructor if you're unclear on a topic, and our lessons come with video transcripts and multiple-choice quizzes. These kinetics lessons will show you:

  • What the role of rate constants is in the establishment of rate laws
  • How activation energy relates to the energy of a reaction
  • How catalysts can lower activation energy
  • What the rate determining step does

Video Objective
Rate of a Chemical Reaction: Modifying FactorsName factors that influence the speed of chemical reactions.
Rate Constant and Rate LawsExplain rate laws and how to use experimental data to determine them.
Rate of a Chemical Reaction: Effect of TemperatureAnalyze how temperature impacts the rate of chemical reactions.
Activation Energy and CatalystsFind out what activation energy is and how a catalyst can change it.
Reaction Mechanisms and The Rate Determining StepDefine reaction mechanism, rate determining step and rate law.

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