Ch 15: Lab Equipment for Scientific Study

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9 Lessons in Chapter 15: Lab Equipment for Scientific Study
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Bunsen Burner: Parts, Function & Diagram

1. Bunsen Burner: Parts, Function & Diagram

Mastery of the Bunsen burner is a major milestone for any science student. Learn the parts of the Bunsen burner, understand its function and be able to interpret a diagram of science's most famous burner.

Burette: Definition & Function in the Laboratory

2. Burette: Definition & Function in the Laboratory

Learn the parts of a burette and how to use one to obtain analytical data important in answering real questions. For example, can we figure out how much acid is in a can of Sprite?

Desiccator in Chemistry Lab: Definition & Concept

3. Desiccator in Chemistry Lab: Definition & Concept

Desiccators are important tools for scientists who perform chemical reactions in laboratories. This lesson addresses desiccators, their properties, and how they work.

Erlenmeyer Flask: Function & Dimensions

4. Erlenmeyer Flask: Function & Dimensions

Erlenmeyer flasks are used in many laboratories. They are common pieces of equipment utilized by scientists for experimentation. This lesson discusses Erlenmeyer flasks and their uses.

Evaporating Dish: Definition & Functions

5. Evaporating Dish: Definition & Functions

The science laboratory is full of equipment and glassware that enables us to perform experiments, make observations, and analyze different samples. In this lesson, we will discuss an important piece of laboratory glassware, the evaporating dish.

Light Microscope: Definition, Uses & Parts

6. Light Microscope: Definition, Uses & Parts

Observation is an essential part of science, especially biology. Objects like bacteria, however, are too small to observe with the naked eye. For this reason, the light microscope has become an important and widely used tool for scientists.

Test Tube: Function in the Lab & Concept

7. Test Tube: Function in the Lab & Concept

Test tubes are important pieces of laboratory equipment and have a wide variety of uses in the laboratory. They are very basic in structure, but useful in many different fields of science. This lesson discusses test tubes, their structure, and their functions.

Trajectory: Definition & Equation

8. Trajectory: Definition & Equation

In this lesson, we'll explore the science behind ballistic trajectories and the equations for doing some simple calculations. A quiz is provided to help test your knowledge.

Volumetric Flask: Uses & Calibration

9. Volumetric Flask: Uses & Calibration

Volumetric flasks are key pieces of scientific equipment used in laboratories. These flasks are important for experimentation, and this lesson addresses their characteristics and uses in the laboratory environment.

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