Ch 9: Labor Arbitration

About This Chapter

When contract negotiations fail, a third party steps in to arbitrate. Complete the lessons in this chapter to learn about labor arbitration, and take the self-assessment quizzes to make sure you understand the concepts.

Labor Arbitration - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Arbitrators step in when contract negotiations stall. In this chapter you will learn what makes a good arbitrator and what happens once they are involved. Some of the details you will cover include:

  • Early development and the legal precedence for arbitration, including current cases
  • Arbitrator duties and responsibilities
  • How and where to find a qualified arbitrator
  • Steps in arbitration and the criteria used in the decision-making process

Video Objective
The Development & Legal Background of Labor Arbitration Explore the legal background that influenced the development of labor arbitration.
Recent Cases & Decisions in Labor Arbitration Outline the recent court cases that have impacted arbitration.
Arbitrator: Definition, Role & Qualifications Learn what it takes to be a successful arbitrator.
How to Find & Select an Arbitrator Discover where to find qualified arbitrators and how they are selected.
Arbitration: Steps & Procedures Explain the steps of arbitration and the difference between arbitration and judicial proceedings.
Decision-Making Criteria for Arbitrators Review the criteria by which arbitration decisions are made, including intent, past practice and burden of proof.

5 Lessons in Chapter 9: Labor Arbitration
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The Development & Legal Background of Labor Arbitration

1. The Development & Legal Background of Labor Arbitration

This lesson looks at legal developments in labor arbitration. The lesson takes us through when and how an arbitrator's decision is binding. We'll look at court cases, U.S. Supreme Court rulings, and National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decisions.

Arbitrator: Definition, Role & Qualifications

2. Arbitrator: Definition, Role & Qualifications

Arbitrators fulfill a crucial role in alternative dispute resolution and specifically in arbitrations. In this lesson, you will learn what an arbitrator is, what an arbitrator does and some of the qualifications necessary to be an arbitrator. After the lesson, you will be given an opportunity to reinforce your knowledge with a short quiz.

How to Find & Select an Arbitrator

3. How to Find & Select an Arbitrator

In this lesson, we look at arbitrators, including what characteristics they have and what defines a permanent arbitrator. We review institutionalized and ad hoc arbitration, and learn more about agencies that can assist with arbitration.

Arbitration: Steps & Procedures

4. Arbitration: Steps & Procedures

The courthouse is not the only place where two parties in a dispute can go to resolve a conflict. In this lesson, you'll learn about arbitration. We'll provide a refresher of what it is and the steps and procedures it involves.

Decision-Making Criteria for Arbitrators

5. Decision-Making Criteria for Arbitrators

This lesson looks at how an arbitrator makes a decision. We review the parol evidence rule, who has the burden of proof, and the credibility of witnesses. It's also important to know the intent of the parties, past practice, and prior awards.

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