Ch 11: Landforms & Biomes

About This Chapter

Increase your understanding of landforms and biomes by reviewing this chapter. Learn the characteristics of the two by completing the various lessons.

Landforms & Biomes - Chapter Summary

This chapter offers a comprehensive review of the various landforms and biomes that exist on Earth. You will learn the abiotic and biotic factors of biomes and their locations. You will also review the characteristics of each landform and their formations. At the completion of this chapter you will be able to distinguish between the different biomes and types of landforms. Some specific topics covered include:

  • Vegetation regions
  • Estuaries
  • Plateaus & Rivers
  • Mountains & Valleys
  • Tundra, Taiga, and Coastlines
  • Tropical Rainforest & Coral Reefs
  • Savannas & Deserts

Videos covering the various biomes and landforms are short and all have written transcripts that can be printed, enabling you read along as you view the lessons and to highlight information. The information gained from the lessons can be used to complete the quiz and worksheet that accompanies each lesson. This allows you to see if you are prepared to move on to the next lesson, or if you need to review certain parts of the lesson.

9 Lessons in Chapter 11: Landforms & Biomes
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Vegetation Regions: Distinctions, Wildlife & Weather Patterns

1. Vegetation Regions: Distinctions, Wildlife & Weather Patterns

Have you ever noticed how different places have different types of plants and weather? In this lesson, you'll learn about the five major vegetation regions in the world and what makes each of them unique.

Biomes: Desert, Tropical Rainforest, Savanna, Coral Reefs & More

2. Biomes: Desert, Tropical Rainforest, Savanna, Coral Reefs & More

Take a trip around the world and learn all about different biomes. Why can you only find certain plants and animals in specific places? What are the most fertile climates on Earth? Watch on to answer these and other questions.

Biomes: Tundra, Taiga, Temperate Grassland, and Coastlines

3. Biomes: Tundra, Taiga, Temperate Grassland, and Coastlines

Take a trip with us in this lesson, starting in the Pacific Ocean, traveling across California through the Central Valley and up to the peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountains. We'll learn how oceans, elevation, and people can determine which types of biomes are found in different areas and check out the Earth's most massive and oldest organisms.

Estuaries Biome: Definition, Types & Climate

4. Estuaries Biome: Definition, Types & Climate

Estuaries are very special ecosystems, but just what is an estuary? Estuaries are both economically and environmentally important because they provide a unique home to many valuable marine organisms.

Geologic Features: Overview

5. Geologic Features: Overview

Geologic features are all around us, on the earth's surface and beneath our feet, and they are part of the landscape. In this lesson, learn more about geologic features, and then test your knowledge with a quiz.

Mountain: Definition, Formation, Characteristics & Examples

6. Mountain: Definition, Formation, Characteristics & Examples

This lesson will explain how a mountain is defined, how mountains are formed, and their characteristics, as well as discuss some of the most famous or significant mountains. A short quiz will follow.

What is a Plateau? - Definition & Explanation

7. What is a Plateau? - Definition & Explanation

You can't spell 'plateau' without 'plate,' and there is a good reason for that - both of these objects are, by definition, flat. This lesson will further explain the definition of plateau and discuss some different types of these flat landforms.

Rivers: Definition & Explanation

8. Rivers: Definition & Explanation

Explore rivers and how they develop from small streams to swiftly flowing rapids. Learn about how rivers shape the land around them, creating canyons, flood plains and deltas.

Valley: Definition & Examples

9. Valley: Definition & Examples

Explore the types of valleys created by erosion and the shifting of the earth's plates. Learn about the different shapes valleys can take, from steep river canyons to wide glacier valleys.

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