Ch 24: Landforms, Volcanoes & Earthquakes

About This Chapter

Use this chapter to remind yourself of the definition of landforms, as well as other information about landforms, volcanoes, and earthquakes through these educational lessons. Evaluate your knowledge by taking the accompanying quizzes.

Landforms, Volcanoes & Earthquakes - Chapter Summary

View brief lessons in this chapter about the impact of erosion on landforms, gases released during a volcanic eruption, and other topics about landforms, volcanoes, and earthquakes. You will also be able to refresh your memory of these subjects:

  • Definition of landforms
  • Creation of landforms by waves
  • Definition of a volcano and earthquake
  • Causes, aftershocks, and foreshocks of earthquakes

Short multiple-choice quizzes can be found at the end of each lesson. In addition to being mobile-friendly, this chapter also gives you the option to print out the worksheets. Let our instructors know if you have any questions.

8 Lessons in Chapter 24: Landforms, Volcanoes & Earthquakes
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Landform: Definition & Types

1. Landform: Definition & Types

Read about landforms and their major features. Learn the differences between formations like mountains and hills, valleys and canyons. (Hint: It has to do with their form.)

Landforms Created by Waves

2. Landforms Created by Waves

After completing this lesson, you will be able to list coastal landforms and describe how waves create them. A short quiz to test your knowledge follows the lesson.

Effect of Erosion and Deposition on Landforms

3. Effect of Erosion and Deposition on Landforms

Landforms are constantly being broken down and reformed by the processes of weathering, erosion, and deposition. In this lesson, we explore chemical and physical weathering and how the face of the earth gets changed.

What is a Volcano? - Definition & Eruptions

4. What is a Volcano? - Definition & Eruptions

Volcanoes are vents that allow lava, rock fragments and gases to escape from layers beneath the earth's surface. Learn how volcanoes form both on land and underwater and why they erupt.

Volcanic Eruption: Gases Released & Their Effects

5. Volcanic Eruption: Gases Released & Their Effects

Volcanic eruptions emit water vapor and toxic gases into the atmosphere. Learn about the gases emitted from an erupting volcano, such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, hydrochloric acid and carbon monoxide and their effects in this video lesson.

What is an Earthquake? - Definition and Components

6. What is an Earthquake? - Definition and Components

Earthquakes are well known for the damage and destruction they leave behind. But what is an earthquake? In this video lesson you will learn about what causes earthquakes and the various components involved in these powerful natural disasters.

The Causes of Earthquakes

7. The Causes of Earthquakes

In this video lesson you will learn what causes earthquakes and where they occur. You will also understand the theory of elastic rebound, and how this relates to movement of the earth's crust.

Aftershocks & Foreshocks of an Earthquake

8. Aftershocks & Foreshocks of an Earthquake

An earthquake is not an isolated event of ground shaking. Foreshocks and aftershocks occur with most earthquakes, and in this video lesson you will learn about them and how they are part of the overall process.

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