Ch 11: Language Arts Games for 4th Grade

About This Chapter

Enhance your language arts lessons for 4th grade by taking advantage of the fun games in this chapter. Your students will have a blast strengthening their vocabulary, grammar, spelling and reading comprehension skills.

Language Arts Games for 4th Grade - Chapter Summary

Reduce the amount of time you spend researching ways to create entertaining 4th grade language arts lessons by reviewing the games in this chapter. They are designed to ensure students have a great time reinforcing their knowledge of language arts concepts you cover. Along with the games are additional resources you can use to strengthen your lessons. Take a look at some items available in this chapter:

  • Reading and reading comprehension games
  • Games for vocabulary and grammar
  • Spelling and context clues games
  • Journal prompts for 4th graders
  • 4th grade Common Core writing prompts

You can use the resources in this chapter in a manner that best suits your lesson preparation and classroom instruction. Feel free to access them anytime, in any sequence and as often as needed to ensure your lessons are amazing!

How It Helps

  • Covers numerous topics: The games and activities in this chapter cover a variety of language arts topics to provide students with a well-rounded learning experience.
  • Keeps students engaged: Playing games with students keeps them engaged in your lessons, which can contribute to an increase in comprehension.
  • Addresses curriculum standards: This chapter addresses the need to align with Common Core education standards.
  • Offers additional resources: Prompts and other resources provide you with additional ways to teach language arts concepts.

Skills Covered

Upon completion of this chapter, you will be ready to:

  • Teach your students reading, vocabulary, spelling, grammar and more through fun games
  • Help students practice their writing and journaling skills
  • Address Common Core writing standards

8 Lessons in Chapter 11: Language Arts Games for 4th Grade
4th Grade Reading Comprehension Games

1. 4th Grade Reading Comprehension Games

Most fourth graders have mastered the aspects of reading that deal primarily with decoding, but are still working on comprehension. This lesson gives you some fun strategies to help your fourth graders practice understanding what they have read.

Reading Games for 4th Grade

2. Reading Games for 4th Grade

Fourth graders are often independent readers but need a push to keep up their vocabulary and critical thinking development. These games help you teach important skills while making learning fun.

4th Grade Vocabulary Games

3. 4th Grade Vocabulary Games

Having a wide vocabulary is hugely valuable. Help your 4th-graders get ahead with their vocabulary by trying out a few of these fun and memorable vocabulary games.

4th Grade Grammar Games

4. 4th Grade Grammar Games

Grammar is important for both speaking and writing, but some children resist it or consider it boring. The games in this lesson will help you bring grammar to life for your fourth grade students.

Spelling Games for 4th Grade

5. Spelling Games for 4th Grade

Spelling is a pretty important skill for fourth-graders to learn, and it takes some time to achieve. Speed things along by playing a few of these fourth-grade spelling games.

Context Clues Games for 4th Grade

6. Context Clues Games for 4th Grade

When students know how to use context clues, they can figure out new vocabulary on their own. This lesson gives you some ideas for games that will teach context clues to your fourth grade students.

4th Grade Journal Prompts

7. 4th Grade Journal Prompts

By 4th grade, students should be composing properly formatted essays. The format should focus on an introduction with at least three points, paragraphs to match up to the points and a conclusion. This lesson offers sample journal prompts for this age range.

Common Core Writing Prompts for 4th Grade

8. Common Core Writing Prompts for 4th Grade

New standards require students to write more than ever before. Use this lesson to help your students understand writing expectations and practice writing to a prompt.

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