Ch 6: Language Arts & Social Studies Educational Resources

About This Chapter

The lessons in this chapter are an effective resource for helping you develop your language arts and social studies curriculum. You'll have access to classroom activities and important learning objectives you can incorporate into your lesson plans.

Language Arts & Social Studies Educational Resources - Chapter Summary

Our expert instructors, teachers just like you, have developed these lessons to give you guidance and strategies for creating lesson plans for language arts and social studies topics. Just a few of the topics covered in this chapter include:

  • Poetry activities and objectives across various grade levels
  • Activities for holidays including Easter, July 4th, Columbus Day, Chinese New Year, and more
  • Reading lists by grade level
  • Sequencing activities for different ages
  • Writing ideas and activities

To keep the learning experience enjoyable and effective, you'll find engaging video and text lessons that help to illustrate the material. Lesson quizzes are available for you to test your knowledge of the topics. After completing all of the lessons, you can take a chapter exam to see how well you've absorbed the information.

How It Helps

  • Provides resources: This chapter is full of practical ideas that you will be able to easily incorporate into your curriculum development.
  • Fosters awareness: These lessons help you gain an understanding of the language arts and social studies topics taught at various grade levels.
  • Improves student engagement: By utilizing the activities provided in these lessons, students will be able to actively learn the material and remain involved in the learning process.

Skills Covered

After completing this chapter, you'll be able to:

  • Provide relevant and engaging reading material to students of different grade levels
  • Plan fun and informative activities to help kids learn about important holidays and historical events
  • Utilize the guidance presented in these lessons to develop age appropriate language arts and social studies lesson plans

39 Lessons in Chapter 6: Language Arts & Social Studies Educational Resources
Persuasive Writing Activities

1. Persuasive Writing Activities

Persuasive writing can be fun, even if trying to convince someone of a new viewpoint can be difficult. This article will show you some fun activities to share with your students to get them excited and motivated to write.

Nonsense Word Fluency Activities

2. Nonsense Word Fluency Activities

Nonsense words are used to determine if children have a firm understanding of how to decode and blend letter sounds. Use this article to find activities you can use to help students improve their fluency with nonsense words. You can find directions and additional helpful classroom resources.

Poetry Activities for Kids

3. Poetry Activities for Kids

Whatever the age group of your students, there are numerous ways to explore the art of poetry to build both comprehension and appreciation. Learn about different poetry activities for different age groups, and find poetry teaching/learning resources.

Poetry Books & Activities for Kindergarten

4. Poetry Books & Activities for Kindergarten

Incorporating rhyming poetry along with engaging activities will enhance students' learning experiences and help them enjoy learning to read. Keep reading to find a few examples of fun poetry books and activity ideas that you can use with your kindergarten students.

Poetry for 2nd Grade

5. Poetry for 2nd Grade

Poetry is a valuable learning tool for beginning readers. Explore the various poets and poem styles appropriate for 2nd-grade students in this article. You'll also find links to additional resources to help you introduce poetry to your classroom and inspire students to have fun as they read.

Creative Writing Warm-Ups & Exercises

6. Creative Writing Warm-Ups & Exercises

Sometimes, finding the inspiration to tackle a creative writing assignment requires some pre-writing exercise. Use the following quick warm-ups to help your students jump-start their imaginations.

1st Grade Reading List

7. 1st Grade Reading List

Reading is one of the most useful skills a child can learn, and it can also be one of the most enjoyable. Take a look at some books for first graders that not only teach valuable lessons, but are also sure to inspire your students to love reading.

1st Grade Reading Level Books

8. 1st Grade Reading Level Books

If you're searching for great books at the first-grade reading level, you've come to the right place! Learn about a few fun books and resources that will enhance your students' reading abilities while also teaching them valuable lessons.

2nd Grade Reading List

9. 2nd Grade Reading List

Choosing the perfect reading material for your students is no easy task. For inspiration and tips on choosing second grade level books, take a look at this fun-filled reading list.

3rd Grade Reading List

10. 3rd Grade Reading List

There are endless options for third-grade teachers looking to fill their classroom reading curriculum. Take a peek at a few popular favorites in this list of third-grade-level books.

4th Grade Reading List

11. 4th Grade Reading List

Fourth graders are expanding their reading capacity and developing their interests in regards to the types of books they enjoy. It's important to provide a variety of books to help children foster a love of reading and a thirst for knowledge. Read on for some popular choices for this grade level.

9th Grade Reading List

12. 9th Grade Reading List

Ninth grade marks the beginning of high school for most students and remains a great time to introduce deeply thematic literary works. This list offers a few examples of challenging books for ninth-graders that are also immensely fun to read.

Kindergarten Book List

13. Kindergarten Book List

Reading in kindergarten is an important step to lifelong literacy. Read on to learn more about which books are appropriate and enjoyable for kindergarten-aged students, as well as about the importance of reading them in the classroom.

Preschool Book List

14. Preschool Book List

Adults who read to preschoolers can provide them with the foundations of learning and set them up for future educational success. Check out the article below to find a list of interesting and age-appropriate books for preschool children along with some useful resources for helping them learn to read.

Using Reading Level Correlation Charts

15. Using Reading Level Correlation Charts

Reading level correlation charts can help you pick out the books that would best suit your students. Find out how to use these charts with the information in this article.

Dr. Seuss Activities for Kids

16. Dr. Seuss Activities for Kids

The fun of Dr. Seuss stories doesn't have to end when the book is finished! Check out this article to find classroom activities inspired by the works of Dr. Seuss, as well as educator resources to help when teaching literacy.

Dr. Seuss Bulletin Board Ideas

17. Dr. Seuss Bulletin Board Ideas

Bring the color and fun of Dr. Seuss's books into the classroom with decorative and collaborative bulletin boards inspired by his stories. Keep reading to find Seuss-themed bulletin board ideas and resources for teaching early literacy.

Inflectional Endings Teaching Activities

18. Inflectional Endings Teaching Activities

Learning about inflectional endings is a major step in being able to construct sentences and develop reading and writing skills. You can use various activities to assess your students' abilities to recognize and use inflectional endings in context. Below are a few that you can use to introduce beginning readers to inflectional endings.

Greek & Latin Roots Games

19. Greek & Latin Roots Games

These fun games can help your students learn more about Greek and Latin root words. Read this article to get instructions and discover some educational resources for your classroom.

Writing Center Ideas for Preschool

20. Writing Center Ideas for Preschool

Preschool-aged children are just beginning to develop the fine motor skills needed to be able to write clearly. Having a dedicated writing center in your home or preschool can help them develop these skills and prepare for kindergarten. Read on for ideas on what to include in your preschool writing center.

Writing Center Resources

21. Writing Center Resources

Whether you need help outlining your essay, citing sources, or proofreading a final draft, your college writing center can provide you with the guidance you need to improve your overall writing skills. Read on to learn about some of the resources you can find in your writing center and discover online courses you can use to supplement them.

Sequencing Activities for Preschoolers

22. Sequencing Activities for Preschoolers

Through sequencing, preschoolers can learn how to follow directions and understand why events happen in a particular order. You can help your preschoolers practice sequencing using the visual, hands-on activities listed below.

Sequencing Activities for Kindergarten

23. Sequencing Activities for Kindergarten

Math and reading sequencing activities are a fun and important part of the kindergarten classroom. Read on for examples of specific activities involving sequencing in these subjects.

Sequencing Activities for First Grade

24. Sequencing Activities for First Grade

Learning to sequence in reading is a big part of early literacy. Read on for examples of activities that will teach and reinforce sequencing in reading for first graders.

Sequencing Activities for 2nd Grade

25. Sequencing Activities for 2nd Grade

Learning to follow step-by-step instructions and identifying the sequential order of events are necessary life skills. Help second graders understand and practice these concepts using the fun, interactive activities below.

Sequencing Activities for 3rd Grade

26. Sequencing Activities for 3rd Grade

Because sequencing is part of our everyday life, it is essential that students are provided opportunities to practice the applications of this skill. Use the activities below to help your 3rd graders enhance their sequencing skills and check out some useful teaching resources.

Sequencing Activities for 5th Grade

27. Sequencing Activities for 5th Grade

Sequencing is an important skill that applies to every subject and just about anything we do from day to day. It is important for younger students to continually apply sequencing skills in their studies. Below are a few activity ideas that you can apply in the 5th-grade classroom.

Social Studies Games for Kids

28. Social Studies Games for Kids

For students whose favorite subject isn't social studies, playing educational games can be a fun way to pique their interest. Read on for some ideas for activities to get all students excited about social studies.

Civil Rights Activities for Kids

29. Civil Rights Activities for Kids

The battle for equality and civil rights is one that can be tracked throughout American history into the present day. Keep reading to find activities to help kids learn about the history and importance of civil rights movements.

Civil War Activities for Kids

30. Civil War Activities for Kids

The history of slavery and the American Civil War can be tough subjects for young students. Check out this article to find activities that will help kids interact and engage with Civil War history.

Columbus Day Activities for Kids

31. Columbus Day Activities for Kids

Help your students learn more about Christopher Columbus as they celebrate Columbus Day with the activities below. You'll find instructions for these activities, as well as additional educational opportunities for kids.

4th of July Activities for Kids

32. 4th of July Activities for Kids

The Fourth of July is often celebrated with hot dogs and fireworks. Check out this article to find activities to engage kids with American history while having fun and celebrating American independence!

Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Ideas

33. Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Ideas

Thanksgiving is a time to share and be grateful for family and friends. Keep reading to find bulletin board ideas to help students celebrate the spirit of Thanksgiving along with resources for learning more about the history behind it.

Chinese New Year Activities for Kids

34. Chinese New Year Activities for Kids

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is a celebration of the turning of the lunisolar calendar. This article will give you some ideas to share with your classroom as the Chinese New Year approaches.

Easter Activities for Kids

35. Easter Activities for Kids

Activities and crafts involving Easter eggs and bunnies are tons of fun, but can they can also be educational. Read on to explore a few Easter activities for children.

Easter Bulletin Board Ideas

36. Easter Bulletin Board Ideas

Creating an attractive Easter bulletin board can be fun and easy. Choose from one of the fun themes listed below or mix and match to design your own unique creation.

Cinco De Mayo Activities for Kids

37. Cinco De Mayo Activities for Kids

Cinco de Mayo celebrates Mexico's surprising defeat of France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War. Introduce a bit of Mexican culture to your students on this date with these activities tied to Mexican traditions.

Bible Study Topics

38. Bible Study Topics

This guide offers a variety of topics that you can use to engage students in discussions about the Bible. The suggested topics in this article, along with the related video lessons, can be used to promote discussion within small groups or as part of a theology class.

Supply and Demand Activities for Kids

39. Supply and Demand Activities for Kids

If you're looking for a fun way to teach kids the fundamentals of economics, check out the engaging activities profiled below for ideas on how to help children grasp the principles of supply and demand.

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