Ch 9: Language Development Overview

About This Chapter

Complete this short study guide chapter to review the language development process. The chapter, which includes short lessons and quizzes, can function as an effective test preparation resource, homework help tool or tutoring solution.

Language Development Overview - Chapter Summary

Follow along with our expert instructors to gain a high-level overview of language development. Broken into short video lessons, this chapter outlines the different language development stages, as well as concepts like bilingualism, symbolic language and linguistics. Upon completion of the chapter, you should be able to:

  • Define linguistics and trace the development of language in children
  • Recognize each stage of language development
  • Differentiate between pre-linguistic and symbolic language
  • Explain how language development can be affected by environment and culture
  • Discuss the nativist perspective
  • Describe the characteristics and development of bilingualism

When you're finished with a lesson, you'll have the opportunity to take a short quiz that goes over important language terms and concepts. A chapter exam is included, as well as printable lesson transcripts. You can watch the video lessons on any Internet-connected device, and the chapter's online format makes it easy to study anytime and anywhere.

5 Lessons in Chapter 9: Language Development Overview
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Linguistics: Language Development in Children

1. Linguistics: Language Development in Children

How does a baby's babble turn into intelligible speech? Are there underlining innate traits that drive language development in children? Or is it the social interaction with others that encourages language development? This lesson will explore these questions and discuss how aspects of language change over time.

Stages of Language Development: Pre-Linguistic and Symbolic Language

2. Stages of Language Development: Pre-Linguistic and Symbolic Language

How does language expression emerge in children? Learn about the development of syntax in children through the pre-linguistic and linguistic stages of language development in this lesson.

The Effects of Environment and Culture on Language Development

3. The Effects of Environment and Culture on Language Development

Both environmental and cultural factors have an impact on early language development. This lesson will provide examples to consider and discuss possible reasons for this impact.

The Nativist Perspective and Language Development

4. The Nativist Perspective and Language Development

In this lesson, learn how we develop language according to the nativist perspective. Discover Noam Chomsky's idea of the language acquisition device (LAD) and its role in this process.

Bilingualism: Characteristics & Development

5. Bilingualism: Characteristics & Development

Bilingualism is the norm, not the exception in the world. This lesson will talk about the characteristics of bilingualism and describe factors that influence the development of bilingualism.

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