Ch 4: Language Disorders

About This Chapter

Our expert instructors designed this chapter on language disorders to assist you as you study for an important exam or work on improving your class grade. These text lessons and quizzes make up a comprehensive study guide that's mobile-friendly and easy to understand.

Language Disorders - Chapter Summary

When you study this chapter, you'll review lessons and quizzes covering topics related to language disorders. These include the symptoms, treatment options for and diagnoses of a variety of disorders affecting language. This chapter has been created to guide you in your preparations to:

  • Define what a language-based learning disability is
  • Outline the symptoms of expressive language disorder
  • Discuss receptive language disorder and its treatment
  • Explain how language processing disorder affects language
  • Identify the process of diagnosing pragmatic language disorder
  • Describe different types of phonological disorders

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6 Lessons in Chapter 4: Language Disorders
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What is a Language-Based Learning Disability?

1. What is a Language-Based Learning Disability?

This lesson will define a language-based learning disability and provide you with warning signs. It will also help you support students with a language-based learning disability by providing you strategies and interventions.

Expressive Language Disorder: Symptoms & Treatment

2. Expressive Language Disorder: Symptoms & Treatment

Did you know that between three and seven percent of school-children are thought to have a language disorder? In this lesson, we will discuss expressive language disorder, its symptoms, and how it is treated.

Receptive Language Disorder: Symptoms & Treatment

3. Receptive Language Disorder: Symptoms & Treatment

Read this lesson to learn all about receptive language disorder. We will define receptive language disorder, its symptoms, causes, and how it is treated.

Language Processing Disorder: Symptoms & Treatment

4. Language Processing Disorder: Symptoms & Treatment

Some people have difficulty speaking and understanding the meaning behind other's words. This can be caused by Language Processing Disorder. Learn about LPD symptoms and treatment techniques in this lesson.

Pragmatic Language Disorder: Diagnosis & Treatment

5. Pragmatic Language Disorder: Diagnosis & Treatment

This lesson looks at pragmatic language disorder, how the disorder manifests itself and how it can be treated by concerned adults and professionals. The lesson also looks at the difference between pragmatic language disorder and autism spectrum disorder.

Phonological Disorders: Definition & Types

6. Phonological Disorders: Definition & Types

This lesson is concerned with a problem that is all too common among young children and adults. In young children, being able to speak clearly is called a phonological disorder, while in adults (as well as children) it is a reading issue. Whether reading or speaking, this lesson examines how these disorders effect sufferers and how they can be recognized.

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