Ch 2: Leadership in Team Goal-Setting

About This Chapter

Have your team leaders complete this chapter to improve their understanding of what it takes to set goals. Our lessons will help them meet organizational objectives and assemble effective teams to work on them.

Leadership in Team Goal-Setting - Chapter Summary

Ask the team leaders of your company to complete the lessons and assessment of this chapter to improve their understanding of how to set goals and organize teams to meet them. In the lessons, team leaders will study:

  • Tips for successfully setting goals
  • How to use personal and professional goals to meet organizational targets
  • Aligning teams to set/realign goals to accomplish an organization's mission
  • The three basic leadership styles
  • Organizing teams with members' strengths aligned to contribute to the goal

After these lessons, team leaders will be able to find out how much they learned by completaing the short assessments that accompany them. These quizzes will help them find out what topics they need to review further. To do so, they may return to the lessons or ask our professional instructors for assistance using the 'teacher' tabs of the lessons.

How It Helps

  • Builds leadership skills: After the lessons, team leaders will have a better understanding of how to set goals and organize their team to meet those goals.
  • Improves team productivity: With team goals more aligned with business objectives, teams will be able to contribute more to the business than before.
  • Maintains employee morale: When employees feel that they are contributing, they will tend to have more confidence and be more productive.

Skills Covered

By the end of this chapter, team leaders will be able to:

  • Set goals that will allow the team to help the organization achieve its mission
  • Determine what kind of team leader they are
  • Organize teams so the members' strengths are aligned to meet goals
  • Provide guidance in an effective manner

6 Lessons in Chapter 2: Leadership in Team Goal-Setting
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Setting Team Goals & Objectives

1. Setting Team Goals & Objectives

The goal-setting process can be more effective when team members are involved and SMART goals are used. This lesson will explain these factors and offer some tips on how to successfully approach the goal-setting process.

Goal-Setting Theory in Management: Definition & Examples

2. Goal-Setting Theory in Management: Definition & Examples

This lesson provides an overview on how to set goals both personally and professionally. We'll learn how goals propel us toward our individual and organizational targets.

Aligning Team & Company Goals

3. Aligning Team & Company Goals

Teams are supposed to set goals that support the company's greater goal, but sometimes it's necessary to realign these goals. Let's look at how goals are made and how different echelons work together to successfully accomplish the company's mission.

Leadership Philosophies: Types & Examples

4. Leadership Philosophies: Types & Examples

In this lesson, you will learn about three basic leadership styles, some specific leadership approaches, and the leadership philosophy that is the best for a given situation.

Leadership Orientation: Task-Oriented & People-Oriented

5. Leadership Orientation: Task-Oriented & People-Oriented

As a leader, are you focused on getting the job done or on making people happy? This lesson will explain the difference between task-oriented leaders and people-oriented leaders to better help you decide.

Aligning Individual Strengths With Team Goals

6. Aligning Individual Strengths With Team Goals

The most successful teams are made of people who are able to use their strengths to contribute towards project goals. This lesson will discuss the benefits of this method as well as how to do it.

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