Ch 3: Lean Business Methodology

About This Chapter

Review lean business methodology with your employees with help from the authoritative lessons included in this corporate training chapter. Suggest these lessons to your teams; they can be completed online via smartphone, tablet or computer.

Lean Business Methodology - Chapter Summary

In this chapter, you'll find corporate training lessons concerning lean business methodology. These lessons make concepts such as lean portfolio management and lean product development a breeze to explore. All lessons include a quiz for self-assessment purposes.

How It Helps

  • Simplifies training: Whether you need a tool on lean business methodology to train new hires or lead a corporate workshop, a variety of training purposes can be achieved with this chapter.
  • Promotes knowledge: Topics including the six pillars of lean business agility and leveraging quarterly planning are featured in this chapter.
  • Outlines principles: Your employees will learn about the methodology of lean business as it applies to many concepts, including lean startup, lean canvas and more.

Skills Covered

Use this chapter to make sure your team members can do the following:

  • Explain the six pillars of lean business agility
  • Define lean portfolio management and recognize its principles
  • Understand how to leverage quarterly planning in lean portfolio management
  • Give the definition and principles of lean product development
  • Outline the principles of lean startup
  • Remember the definition of lean canvas

6 Lessons in Chapter 3: Lean Business Methodology
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Six Pillars of Lean Business Agility

1. Six Pillars of Lean Business Agility

Lean business agility is a framework that helps organizations operate in a manner that maximizes their efficiency and effectiveness. This lesson provides a high-level overview of the things that characterize an agile organization.

Lean Portfolio Management: Definition & Principles

2. Lean Portfolio Management: Definition & Principles

In this lesson, we'll define lean portfolio management and explain how it uses lean thinking methodology to efficiently manage project portfolios and quickly deliver projects.

Leveraging Quarterly Planning in Lean Portfolio Management

3. Leveraging Quarterly Planning in Lean Portfolio Management

How can companies reduce waste and increase agility through lean portfolio management? In this lesson, we'll take a look at one tool that can help, quarterly planning, and how it can help companies implement lean portfolio management.

Lean Product Development: Definition & Principles

4. Lean Product Development: Definition & Principles

Lean business is usually thought of as being about lean production. However, that's not the only way a company can reduce waste and save money. In this lesson, we'll examine lean product development.

Lean Startup: Definition & Principles

5. Lean Startup: Definition & Principles

This lesson defines the concept known as lean startup. You'll then learn a bit about many of the key principles behind this innovative entrepreneurial method.

Lean Canvas: Definition & Principles

6. Lean Canvas: Definition & Principles

As an adaptation of the original Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas is designed to be a fast, easy method for start-up entrepreneurs to plan and execute business models. This lesson defines Lean Canvas and identifies its primary principles.

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