Ch 11: Learning Environments

About This Chapter

As a teacher, you naturally want your students to look forward to coming to class and to come ready to learn. The lessons in our Learning Environments chapter are designed to help you build such an atmosphere in your classroom

Learning Environments - Chapter Summary

Our lessons provide valuable insights and offer useful information that will help you build the type of environment that encourages learning, positive behavior and a happy, relaxed attitude on the part of your students. The lessons cover the material shown below:

  • How to make a classroom a positive place to be
  • Fostering achievement and motivation
  • How to set up an environment in which children feel secure
  • Maintaining control in the classroom
  • Understanding and managing behavioral issues

These lessons were written by teachers who have experienced many of the same challenges you are facing. You have the benefit of their expertise and experience, and you have access to them when you have questions, need clarification or would like additional information. Further, our program is accessible through a variety of electronic media, enabling you to study from any location that provides access to the internet.

How It Helps

  • Provides motivational tools: You will gain strategies that will enable you to keep your students interested, excited and motivated to learn.
  • Offers strategies for safety: You will find information that will help you build an environment that is free from fear or feelings of insecurity.
  • Teaches behavioral control: You will be better prepared for situations in which children act out and will be able to manage such situations effectively.

Skills Covered

After completing this chapter, you will:

  • Build a safe, positive and encouraging learning environment
  • Make your classroom a comfortable place to work and learn
  • Establish and maintain control in your classroom
  • Deal with behavioral issues calmly and successfully

6 Lessons in Chapter 11: Learning Environments
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Learning Environment in the Classroom: Definition, Impact & Importance

1. Learning Environment in the Classroom: Definition, Impact & Importance

One of the most important things a teacher can do is provide a positive learning experience. Setting up a positive learning environment is tricky, but not difficult. Get ready to learn about how to do this and why.

Motivational Tools for Students: Techniques & Examples

2. Motivational Tools for Students: Techniques & Examples

In this lesson, we will explore the importance of student motivation and ways that teachers can motivate their students through tools like rewards, praise, and encouraging independence.

Creating a Safe Learning Environment in the Classroom

3. Creating a Safe Learning Environment in the Classroom

Children learn best when they are in a safe classroom environment, and teachers and families are happier when classrooms feel safe, too. This lesson will give you some ideas on how to create a safe environment for all learners.

Classroom Management Techniques

4. Classroom Management Techniques

Managing the classroom is a challenge that all teachers face, and the decisions and actions a teacher takes in this area are extremely influential. In this lesson, we discuss different aspects of classroom management and the importance of creating a plan before the term begins.

Classroom Behavior Management Ideas for Teachers

5. Classroom Behavior Management Ideas for Teachers

There are many strategies for managing behavior within the classroom. It is important to understand why the behavior occurs before implementing a behavior management plan to address the behavior. This lesson looks at the steps involved prior to developing a behavior management plan.

Creating a Stimulating Classroom Environment: Definition & Strategies

6. Creating a Stimulating Classroom Environment: Definition & Strategies

This lesson is all about the importance of stimulating classroom environments. We'll go over the reasons why this is important as well as providing strategies for increasing stimulation within and among your students.

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