Ch 9: Lesson Plans for Teachers

About This Chapter

Using this chapter, you'll have access to resources that help you understand how to effectively create lesson plans. Use these articles to refresh your mind on a topic or learn new things as a teacher.

Lesson Plans for Teachers - Summary & Learning Objectives

This chapter contains helpful articles that break down how lesson plans are developed. You'll have the chance to look more closely at several good lessons plans on a variety of subjects. After using the articles, you will know more about:

  • Components of a lesson plan
  • Creating lesson plans effectively
  • Characteristics of a good lesson plan

Resource Benefits

Using the articles in this chapter gives you access to useful resources, which offer these benefits:

  • They're useful: The articles give you helpful tools that can be used in the classroom.
  • They're authoritative: Each article has been thoroughly researched, giving you accurate information that you can trust.
  • They're relevant: All of the articles provide up-to-date information that will help you develop lesson plans correctly.
  • They're accessible: Each one of the articles can be easily accessed online.

10 Lessons in Chapter 9: Lesson Plans for Teachers
Color Wheel Lesson Plan

1. Color Wheel Lesson Plan

Boost your instruction on the color wheel with the help of a text lesson and a hands-on activity. For deeper exploration of the topic, supplementary activities and related lessons have been included.

Renaissance Lesson Plan

2. Renaissance Lesson Plan

Are you seeking a one-stop shop for your instruction on the Renaissance? If so, this lesson plan has it all, including a full unit study with corresponding video lessons that can be easily broken down into short lessons, each with integrated activities that culminate in a mastery project. To stay on this path of enlightenment, consider our suggestions for supplementary activities and related lessons.

What Is History? - Lesson Plan

3. What Is History? - Lesson Plan

Set the stage for understanding basic historical concepts with this lesson plan geared towards covering the basics. Includes real examples for student understanding and an engaging activity to solidify concepts.

Timeline Lesson Plan

4. Timeline Lesson Plan

Boost your instruction on timelines with a demonstration and a personalized in-class activity. Take it a step further with optional extensions and related lessons.

Chinese New Year Lesson Plan

5. Chinese New Year Lesson Plan

Use this lesson plan to teach students about the origins of Chinese New Year. Show students how to use a Chinese calendar, then get them involved in a fun activity with adjectives and Chinese signs and symbols.

Life Cycle of a Frog Lesson Plan

6. Life Cycle of a Frog Lesson Plan

Use this lesson plan to teach your students about finding the main idea and supporting details in informational text. Then create a foldable to show the life cycle of a frog.

Telling Time Lesson Plan

7. Telling Time Lesson Plan

Reinforce your Spanish language lesson on time with a fun and simple in-class activity. To take it a step further, this lesson includes suggestions for extensions and related lessons.

Time Management Lesson Plan

8. Time Management Lesson Plan

Sharpen your instruction on time management with the help of two engaging lessons and a powerful in-class activity. To take your instruction further, suggestions for related lessons and supplementary activities are included.

Volleyball Lesson Plan

9. Volleyball Lesson Plan

Use this lesson plan to teach your students the five basic skills necessary to succeed in volleyball. Then set up stations that allow students to put these skills to practice.

Soccer Lesson Plan

10. Soccer Lesson Plan

If you're beginning a unit on soccer, use this lesson to give your students background information and explain the basic rules of the game. Get students excited about playing soccer by allowing students to 'teach' foundation knowledge.

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