Ch 8: Linear Programming

About This Chapter

Determine how to identify the best value in these video lessons as you discover the linear programming process. Practice applying linear programming strategies by answering the questions on the lesson quizzes.

Linear Programming - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

There is a mathematical method for figuring out which solutions provide the best results given certain circumstances, and that method is called linear programming. In this chapter you will survey how linear programming works and what real-world problems this methodology can solve. Each of our short video lessons guide you through every formula involved in this process, and you can email our instructors at any time if you need more assistance. After you watch every lesson and read through the transcripts, you should feel more confident about the following:

  • Applying linear programming to different scenarios
  • Building practical linear programming models
  • Using graphical solutions
  • Translating computer solutions

Video Objective
Using Linear Programming to Solve Problems Discuss how linear programming has been applied to solving various types of problems.
Practice Formulating Realistic Linear Programming Models Break down techniques for formulating realistic linear programming models.
Solving Integer Linear Programs with a Graphical Solution Explore the graphical solution procedure and show how to use it to solve both two variable and small integer linear programming problems.
The Importance of Extreme Points in Problem Solving Find the optimal solution by establishing the necessity of extreme points.
Interpreting Computer Solutions of Linear Programming Models Clarify the meaning behind linear programming computer solutions.
Special Cases in Linear Programming Problems Identify reasons why infeasibility, alternative optimal solutions, and unboundedness happen.

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Business 116: Quantitative Analysis
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Linear Programming
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