Ch 6: Liquids and Solids

About This Chapter

View video lessons on liquids and solids in chemistry. Learn about kinetic molecular theory, phase diagrams, crystal structures and more. Each lesson includes a short quiz you can use to check your understanding of these science topics.

Liquids and Solids - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Besides the obvious physical traits, what distinguishes a solid from a liquid? While this question may seem simple, when you start to consider chemical composition, molecules, or particle movement, the question becomes more and more complex. Fortunately, the brief video lessons in this chapter extensively explore these and other chemistry-related topics. Quizzes accompany each lesson to help you confirm your understanding of liquids and solids. After completing this chapter, you should have a better grasp of the following:

  • Kinetic Molecular Theory
  • Phase diagrams
  • Phase changes
  • Unit cells and crystal structures

Video Objective
The Kinetic Molecular Theory: Properties of Solids and Liquids Apply the theory to define how particles move in liquids and solids.
Phase Diagrams: Critical Point, Triple Point and Phase Equilibrium Boundaries Inspect the different elements of phase diagrams, determine phase equilibrium boundaries, identify the critical point, and examine the triple point.
Phase Changes and Heating Curves Establish what occurs during phase changes, and describe a heating curve.
Crystal Structures and the Unit Cell Analyze and compare the different types of unit cells and crystal structures.

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