Ch 7: Lodging Operations

About This Chapter

We can help you get ready for an important exam with this chapter on lodging operations. Each of our video lessons is 10 minutes or less, created by professional instructors and designed to help you learn the topics you'll need to know for test day.

Lodging Operations - Chapter Summary

Our instructors present engaging, bite-sized lessons on topics related to lodging operations in this helpful chapter. When you work through these video lessons, you'll review the organizational structure that's used in the hotel and lodging industries, discuss various facets of operations management and explore corporate communications in the industry. We've made it easy to skip ahead or go back in any video lesson using the video tabs feature found in the Timeline. Our printable lesson transcripts also make great study guides you can use to review key themes and terms offline. These learning tools are accessible 24 hours a day on your mobile device for convenient study. After completing this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Outline hotel departments and their functions
  • Describe the role of housekeeping in the hospitality industry
  • Detail corporate communication
  • Identify traits and behaviors of successful hotel and lodging leaders
  • Discuss fundamentals of operations management
  • Explain some of the operational issues and solutions found in the hotel industry

7 Lessons in Chapter 7: Lodging Operations
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Organizational Structure in the Hotel & Lodging Industry

1. Organizational Structure in the Hotel & Lodging Industry

Within the lodging industry, standard functions are handled by various departments in the hotel. The organizational structure of the hotel helps to organize activities and tasks in a logical and effective manner.

Hotel Rooms Departments & Functions

2. Hotel Rooms Departments & Functions

The rooms department handles several different aspects of a guest's visit, including the front desk, housekeeping, and guest services. Let's take a closer look at each of these teams and what they do.

Housekeeping in the Hospitality Industry

3. Housekeeping in the Hospitality Industry

One of the vital parts of the hospitality industry is the housekeeping department. This lesson will explain the role of the housekeeping department, basic functions, standards and expectations, and supervisory responsibilities in housekeeping.

Corporate Communication in the Hospitality & Tourism Industry

4. Corporate Communication in the Hospitality & Tourism Industry

Corporate communication plays an important role in sharing information and ensuring that people are well-informed. With effective strategies, corporations can provide information to the right people, at the right time, and in the right way.

Traits & Behaviors of Successful Hotel & Lodging Leaders

5. Traits & Behaviors of Successful Hotel & Lodging Leaders

There are many important traits and behaviors needed of leaders in the hotel and lodging industry. This lesson reviews the personal traits and effective leadership skills required to run a successful hospitality business.

Operations Management: Definition & Fundamentals

6. Operations Management: Definition & Fundamentals

This lesson will introduce and define operations management. We will review how operations management helps a company achieve its business goals through managing four key aspects of operations.

Operational Issues & Solutions in the Hotel Business

7. Operational Issues & Solutions in the Hotel Business

The hotel business is a unique business with many moving parts. It faces operational issues that are different from other industries. This lesson will discuss the common operational issues as well as provide solutions.

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