Ch 15: The Lymphatic System & Immunity

About This Chapter

This chapter has video lessons on how the lymphatic system works and affects immunity in the human body. A short quiz follows each lesson so you can test what you learned.

The Lymphatic System & Immunity - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

The lymphatic system plays an essential role regulating the fluids in the human body, and maintaining the immune system. This chapter breaks down the system into its separate parts -- the vessels, the fluid, and the lymphocytes -- and explains how they function. The lessons will cover some of the topics belows:

  • Identifying the lymphatic system and its parts
  • Detailing the role of lymphatic vessels, fluid, and lymphocytes
  • Immunity in the human body and its connection to the lymphatic system

5 Lessons in Chapter 15: The Lymphatic System & Immunity
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Functions of the Lymphatic System

1. Functions of the Lymphatic System

In this lesson, you will learn about the lymphatic system and the vital role it plays in keeping the cardiovascular system working. You'll discover how the lymphatic system (with its lymphatic vessels and capillaries) quietly works in the background to return leaked fluids back to the blood.

Lymphatic Vessels: Definition & Function

2. Lymphatic Vessels: Definition & Function

In this lesson, you will learn what lymphatic vessels are and why they are important for fluid management, immune function, and fat absorption. You'll then take a short quiz to test your knowledge.

Lymph Fluid: Composition & Function

3. Lymph Fluid: Composition & Function

Lymph gets the short end of the stick when it comes to bodily fluids. Blood gets all the attention. Have you even heard of a movie being 'lymphy?' However, lymph is where much of the real defense of your body happens.

Lymphocytes: Definition, Functions & Types

4. Lymphocytes: Definition, Functions & Types

Our bodies contain numerous types of cells. In this lesson, you will learn about a type of cell known as a lymphocyte. You will also gain an understanding of the types of lymphocytes, as well as their functions in the body.

What is Immunity? - Definition & Types

5. What is Immunity? - Definition & Types

This lesson will introduce immunity and define what immunity is and what it does. The lesson will also identify the different types of immunity and what they involve.

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