Ch 9: Making Connections While Reading

About This Chapter

Brush up on your skills to help young students make connections while reading. Our video lessons provide a fun and informative method to refresh your understanding of this aspect of teaching reading comprehension.

Making Connections While Reading - Chapter Summary

Let our instructors re-familiarize you with the knowledge and techniques necessary to teach students to make connections while reading. The videos provide an effective way to review or learn new strategies to teach children to connect what they read to themselves, other books or the world around them. In this chapter, lessons cover the following topics:

  • Examples of authentic learning activities
  • Using a reading interest inventory
  • Discussing examples of connecting text to students, other written work or the world
  • Examining how influences, such as social or cultural experiences, help to construct meaning

These brief video lessons appeal to both visual and auditory learners. You will hear experienced instructors discuss the concepts you want to learn and view fun visuals to add to and enhance what the instructors say. Read transcripts of each lesson as an additional study aid. Take lesson quizzes to test your mastery of the skills taught by the instructors in each video.

5 Lessons in Chapter 9: Making Connections While Reading
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Authentic Learning Activities: Examples & Concept

1. Authentic Learning Activities: Examples & Concept

In this lesson, we will see how authentic learning activities take class material into the real world, what some examples of these activities are, and why they are so valuable to students.

How to Use a Reading Interest Inventory

2. How to Use a Reading Interest Inventory

Teaching reading skills isn't enough if students aren't excited about reading. In this lesson, we'll look at one technique teachers can use to evaluate and increase reading interests and discover how to implement it. Then, test your understanding with a brief quiz.

Connecting Texts, Students & the World Around Them

3. Connecting Texts, Students & the World Around Them

Good readers automatically connect what they are reading with their own life, the world around them, and other texts. In this lesson, we'll examine the three main types of connections, and how teachers can help students learn them.

Making Text-to-Text Connections Between Written Works

4. Making Text-to-Text Connections Between Written Works

In this lesson, we will discuss connecting different writings to each other by learning about the authors, examining the literary elements, and reflecting on the writings.

Influences on Constructing Meaning

5. Influences on Constructing Meaning

Learning to read requires much more than phonemic awareness. Students must also be able to construct meaning. This lesson takes a look at this process by examining the influences of prior knowledge, sociocultural differences, and linguistic understanding.

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