Ch 27: Making Health Decisions

About This Chapter

Refresh your understanding of how health decisions are made by utilizing these video and text lessons. Access our materials with any Internet-ready device as you study topics like the connections between disease prevention and health care literacy.

Making Health Decisions - Chapter Summary

Dust off your memories about the decision-making process in relation to health choices. In these lessons, our instructors discuss the importance of weighing multiple factors when making complicated health decisions. Each lesson focuses on a different topic so, as you work your way through the information, you will develop a more thorough understanding of the following:

  • The seven key decision-making steps
  • Choices, factors, and criteria in health care decisions
  • Understanding and assessing health literacy
  • Evaluating health information
  • Improving attitudes about health care and disease prevention

As you use this chapter to refresh your memories about health-related topics, you may want to start off by first assessing your knowledge. You can do this by utilizing the quiz with each lesson. After you've submitted your answers you can see your scores and an explanation key with the correct choices.

Once you determine the areas you know well, you may decide to skip those lessons and focus on those with which you are less familiar. You can pause, play, and fast-forward any of our videos, and there are no limits on how many times you can replay them. The text lessons and transcripts also include bolded keywords, so you'll always know which terms to memorize.

5 Lessons in Chapter 27: Making Health Decisions
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The Seven Steps of Decision Making

1. The Seven Steps of Decision Making

Effective decision-making is an essential skill for every manager. In this lesson, you'll learn about a seven-step process for effective decision-making. You'll also have an opportunity to take a short quiz after the lesson.

Making Health Care Decisions: Factors, Choices & Criteria

2. Making Health Care Decisions: Factors, Choices & Criteria

Making decisions relating to your healthcare may be a daunting challenge. This lesson will explore where you can turn to for more information and which types of information are best avoided.

What Is Health Literacy? - Definition & Assessment

3. What Is Health Literacy? - Definition & Assessment

In this lesson you will learn about health literacy and its health implications. You will also learn why health literacy it is important and how to improve it. You will be introduced to the various tools available for measuring health literacy.

Sources of Health Information: Overview & Reliability

4. Sources of Health Information: Overview & Reliability

The Internet is full of information and misinformation. This lesson will teach you how to identify the major sources of health information and determine if they are truly credible.

Health Care: Awareness, Attitudes, & Prevention

5. Health Care: Awareness, Attitudes, & Prevention

During late life, health issues can become both more common and more serious. But health can be impacted by a person's attitudes and behaviors. In this lesson, we'll explore how prevention and attitude can play a role in older people's health.

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