Ch 4: Managing Employee Relations

About This Chapter

Boost confidence amongst your leaders and leadership teams by having them review this informative chapter on managing employee relations. The lessons included here are mobile-friendly and available for study 24 hours a day.

Managing Employee Relations - Chapter Summary

In this corporate training chapter, our expert instructors go over the process of managing employee relations for your leaders and supervisors to review. Short video lessons cover the importance of a healthy employer-employee relationship, ways of developing trust between employees and managers, and the definition of positive feedback. Professionals have created these lessons, so you can feel confident your teams are learning accurate information.

How It Helps

  • Promotes leadership skills: The importance of strong leaders and the steps required to become such are laid out to ensure your leadership and supervisory teams understand what their job responsibilities are.
  • Encourages new leaders: Although this chapter is useful for experienced managers and leaders, new supervisors will find this information to be useful and confidence-boosting.
  • Builds cohesive teams: Employees who feel valued, trusted and capable of freely communicating with their employers and supervisors are happier team members.

Skills Covered

Our corporate training chapter is designed to enable your supervisors to achieve the following goals:

  • Define the concept of employee relations
  • Understand the importance of a healthy employer-employee relationship
  • Develop trust between employees and managers
  • Manage relationships with employees
  • Outline strategies for valuing all team members
  • Encourage team member feedback and communication
  • Provide a definition and examples of positive feedback

7 Lessons in Chapter 4: Managing Employee Relations
What Is Employee Relations? - Definition & Concept

1. What Is Employee Relations? - Definition & Concept

Happy employees are productive employees. Successful businesses know how to manage relationships to build lasting employee satisfaction. Learn the meaning of employee relations and understand the essential elements of an effective employee relations program.

The Importance of a Healthy Employer-Employee Relationship

2. The Importance of a Healthy Employer-Employee Relationship

In this lesson, you'll learn why it's important for a company to prioritize building good relationships between employers and employees. You'll also explore the benefits that go along with those relationships.

Developing Trust Between Managers & Employees

3. Developing Trust Between Managers & Employees

Trust between employees and managers is essential in every workplace. In this lesson, we'll discuss ways to build trusting relationships between you, managers, and your employees to create a harmonious and productive workplace culture.

Managing Relationships with Employees

4. Managing Relationships with Employees

Emotional intelligence is a soft skill that can't be taught, but the absence of it can be devastating to morale. This lesson provides practical tips for displaying emotionally intelligence in the workplace.

Strategies for Valuing All Employees

5. Strategies for Valuing All Employees

Read this lesson to learn what strategies you can use to help all your employees treat each other with respect. These strategies will show that you value all your employees no matter their age.

Encouraging Team Member Communication & Feedback

6. Encouraging Team Member Communication & Feedback

Communication and feedback are two important tools in the workplace. In this lesson, you'll learn more about how to encourage team members to contribute in these two areas by implementing a few simple strategies.

Positive Feedback: Definition & Examples

7. Positive Feedback: Definition & Examples

Do you like feeling appreciated? Is it important to be recognized when you've contributed to a project at work? Providing positive feedback is an important part of being a good leader. This lesson explains how to effectively implement positive feedback.

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