Ch 18: Managing the Classroom

About This Chapter

Check out fun video and text lessons in this chapter to review material designed to help teachers effectively manage their classrooms. You'll go over several different classroom management strategies and how they're implemented.

Managing the Classroom - Chapter Summary

By exploring this chapter you'll find content on the importance of a certain number of well-defined classroom rules. Learn how to utilize the physical environment of the classroom, including students' desks, to have a positive impact. Additionally, you will become familiar with:

  • Teacher-student engagement strategies
  • Fostering situational motivation
  • Maslow's hierarchy of needs
  • Utilizing wait time effectively
  • Instituting learning centers

These video and text lessons each require around five minutes to complete. It is accompanied by a practice quiz so you can quickly assess your understanding of the classroom management subject matter. After taking the quizzes, locate any segments you want or need to study further by using the video tags.

7 Lessons in Chapter 18: Managing the Classroom
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Creating a Safe Learning Environment

1. Creating a Safe Learning Environment

A safe learning environment requires physical, emotional, and intellectual security for students. Discover ways to create that space for students to think, grow, and learn.

Implementing Learning Centers for Literacy Instruction

2. Implementing Learning Centers for Literacy Instruction

Learning centers are an important and necessary part of literacy instruction. Implementing these centers takes time and organization, and students benefit tremendously from the small group activities that take place in them.

Organizing Classroom Space for Reading & Writing

3. Organizing Classroom Space for Reading & Writing

It is very important for teachers to put thought into the physical organization of their classrooms. Learn about specific literacy areas and how to create an environment where readers and writers are motivated, comfortable, and successful.

Classroom Management Techniques

4. Classroom Management Techniques

Managing the classroom is a challenge that all teachers face, and the decisions and actions a teacher takes in this area are extremely influential. In this lesson, we discuss different aspects of classroom management and the importance of creating a plan before the term begins.

The Importance of Motivation in an Educational Environment

5. The Importance of Motivation in an Educational Environment

In this lesson, you'll see how motivation affects learning. Discover the behaviors and perspectives that relate to motivation in an educational environment.

Student Engagement Strategies

6. Student Engagement Strategies

Students learn information in many different ways, which makes engaging diverse student populations challenging. In this lesson, we will define what it means to be actively engaged and explore several best practice strategies for engaging students.

Using Wait Time in the Classroom

7. Using Wait Time in the Classroom

During class discussion, is the pause between the teacher's question and the student's response important? It is, and the pause between the student's response and the teacher's reaction is also important. In this lesson, we define and discuss both types of wait time and how they can be used to optimize students' learning.

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