Ch 20: Marketing Ethics & Regulation

About This Chapter

This chapter consists of video lessons on the subject of marketing ethics and regulation. Have a look at the meaning of ethical behavior in marketing and advertising regulation and abuses.

Marketing Ethics & Regulation - Chapter Summary

Our subject-matter experts host these videos on marketing ethics and regulation. Get to know privatization, regulation, and deregulation types. Look at illustrated and informative lessons that cover information such as:

  • Ethical concerns in business and marketing
  • Cause-related marketing and ethics
  • Target marketing in business, both ethical and unethical
  • How privatization and deregulation impacts businesses
  • Advertising regulations
  • Business strategies for influencing regulatory agencies and congress

These video lessons are each 5-10 minutes in run time and can be viewed from either a computer or mobile device. They come with a video transcript and a keyword-base timeline tool to quickly locate any section of the lesson you want to watch again. Assess your comprehension of the concepts in each lesson with the multiple-choice quizzes.

6 Lessons in Chapter 20: Marketing Ethics & Regulation
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Ethical Behavior in Marketing: What Are Marketing Ethics?

1. Ethical Behavior in Marketing: What Are Marketing Ethics?

Watch our lesson to learn the definition of ethics and how it relates to business and marketing. You will also learn about the idea of ethical business behavior.

Ethics and Cause-Related Marketing

2. Ethics and Cause-Related Marketing

Do you avoid a specific store entrance when people are collecting money for charity outside? In this video, you will learn more about social responsibility and, specifically, the growth of cause-related marketing.

Ethical & Unethical Target Marketing in Business

3. Ethical & Unethical Target Marketing in Business

Companies are desperate to acquire customers, and some will use inappropriate ways to gain their attention. In this lesson, you'll learn how to discern ethical from unethical target marketing, using the example of marketing to vulnerable populations.

Types of Regulation, Privatization, & Deregulation

4. Types of Regulation, Privatization, & Deregulation

Government can monitor, control and manage business through different types of regulation. In this lesson, you will learn about the two specific categories of regulation and how privatization and deregulation impacts business.

Advertising Abuses & Regulation

5. Advertising Abuses & Regulation

Companies do not always act ethically when trying to persuade consumers to purchase their products. In this lesson, we will discuss the various ways in which advertising can be abused and take a look at controversial advertising and regulation of advertising.

Business Strategies for Influencing Congress & Regulatory Agencies

6. Business Strategies for Influencing Congress & Regulatory Agencies

In this lesson, you will learn business' strategies for influencing Congress and regulatory agencies are campaign contributions, lobbying and grassroots lobbying.

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