Ch 10: Marriage and Family Counseling

About This Chapter

Watch marriage and family counseling video lessons, and learn about family systems theory, the family life cycle, changing family patterns and more. Take self-assessment quizzes to gauge your understanding of key family and marriage counseling concepts.

Marriage and Family Counseling - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Let our professional and experienced instructors introduce you to the variety of theoretical approaches marriage and family counselors have at their disposal. You can also explore the issues facing family structures of all types and the techniques counselors use to address them. By the end of this chapter, you should be familiar with how marriage and family counseling is affected by:

  • Counseling and family systems theories
  • Stages in the family life cycle
  • Types of family structures
  • Effects of child abuse and neglect

Video Objective
Marriage and Couples Counseling Theories Introduces the processes involved in marriage and couples counseling and discusses the place of psychoanalytic, social-cognitive and structural-strategic counseling theories. Lesson content also explains the issues that arise when one partner seeks counseling and the other is unwilling.
The Process of Family Counseling Defines the term 'family system' and discusses Bowen family systems theory, psychodynamic family theory, experiential family counseling, behavioral family counseling and structural family theory. The uses of strategic and solution-focused theories are also discussed.
The Family Life Cycle: Definition, Stages & Theory Explains stages in the family life cycle and shows how family cohesion and family adaptability relate to the counseling process. Comparisons between personal development and family development stages are also provided.
Issues with Changing Family Patterns Discusses how family counseling theories are based on a traditional nuclear family, which differs from many contemporary family structures. Lesson content covers the issues unique to dual-career families, single-parent families and remarried or blended families and shows how they affect the counseling approach.
Child Abuse and Neglect: 4 Major Types, Characteristics & Effects Introduces the 4 major types of child abuse and neglect and explains their effects on both children and families. The adult outcomes of abuse victims with and without childhood intervention are covered as well. Lesson content also describes how counseling in families where abuse has occurred differs from non-abusive family therapy.

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