Ch 12: Math Activities & Games with Food

About This Chapter

Teaching your students about math is easy and fun when you use this chapter on math games and activities involving food to help construct your curriculum. These teacher-written resources are designed to make math lesson planning simple and stress free.

Math Activities & Games with Food - Chapter Summary

This teacher resource chapter on math games and activities involving food is a handy tool you can access any time on your mobile device or computer to work on your teaching plans. Here you can review activities using jelly beans and popcorn for hands-on and interactive learning. If you want to discuss these resources with one of our experts, feel free to reach out to one of them through the Dashboard.

How It Helps

  • Encourages confidence: Students who have the chance to solve math problems using activities and games have a greater opportunity to grasp these concepts.
  • Promotes cooperative learning: Use these games and activities with student groups to encourage them to work together while learning and understanding new subjects.
  • Builds knowledge: After learning about kitchen math in class and working with these topics during game time, your students should feel more comfortable with measuring and conversions.

Skills Covered

Once you complete this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Use kitchen math lesson plans to teach your students
  • Teach measuring and conversions
  • Lead your students in kitchen math games and activities
  • Utilize math lesson plans involving popcorn
  • Work with your students on math subjects using jelly bean activities

6 Lessons in Chapter 12: Math Activities & Games with Food
Kitchen Math Lesson Plan

1. Kitchen Math Lesson Plan

This lesson plan uses cooking and recipes to explore mass and volume as well as volume conversions. The plan includes full class instruction, small group hands-on exploration, and partner practice.

Kitchen Math: Measuring & Conversions

2. Kitchen Math: Measuring & Conversions

Math is everywhere, even in the kitchen! Recipes call for specific amounts of ingredients and sometimes require conversions between units. In this lesson, we learn about the different measurement equipment and conversions used for cooking and baking.

Kitchen Math Games & Activities

3. Kitchen Math Games & Activities

It's important to provide real-world situations in which students can practice and apply their math skills. Use these kitchen math games and activities to motivate students to master mathematical concepts.

Popcorn Math Lesson Plan

4. Popcorn Math Lesson Plan

Popcorn provides a fun and tasty way for learning a variety of math concepts, including estimation and bar graphs. This lesson develops those concepts, and the results can be eaten when you're done!

Jelly Bean Math Activities

5. Jelly Bean Math Activities

Although only a simple piece of candy, jelly beans can provide for a great variety of activities in an elementary level math class. These activities will be completed individually and in groups.

M&M Math Activities for Middle School

6. M&M Math Activities for Middle School

Use these activities and a package of chocolate candies to get your middle school students excited about math. In these activities, students will practice various topics covered in middle school math.

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