Ch 3: Mathematical Models

About This Chapter

Put our video lessons and quizzes to use in reviewing mathematical models typically used in grades 7-12 math. Learn to use a variety of models, real numbers and deductive reasoning to solve problems.

Mathematical Models - Chapter Summary

In this chapter, knowledgeable instructors will guide you through various geometric and symbolic models that are representative of algorithms, real numbers and operations. You can practice using deductive reasoning to solve algebra problems and using real numbers in solutions or models. As you progress through this chapter, instructors will also explain how problems with no obvious solutions can actually hold solutions within the real number system. Practice problems are included to give you valuable rehearsal in these skills before you try the quizzes. After you've worked your way to the end of this chapter, you should know how to accomplish the following:

  • Use descriptive models as representations of real numbers, algorithms and operations
  • Employ deductive reasoning to justify and simply
  • Show how some problems have solutions in the real number system
  • Complete practice problems using a variety of models

Our interesting video lessons are short and can make learning fun. The engaging lessons taught by experienced instructors are followed by quick, multiple-choice quizzes and lesson transcripts. If your quiz results show that more review on certain topics is needed, you can use the handy video tags to go back and find just the right spot. If you'd rather, you can view the video another time in its entirety. In some lessons, important terms are linked to additional text-only lessons that can offer even more clarification.

5 Lessons in Chapter 3: Mathematical Models
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Using Mathematical Models to Solve Problems

1. Using Mathematical Models to Solve Problems

Mathematical modeling simply refers to the creation of mathematical formulas to represent a real world problem in mathematical terms. This lesson reviews the creation and pitfalls of mathematical models.

Descriptive Modeling in Mathematics

2. Descriptive Modeling in Mathematics

After reading this lesson, you'll learn how you can use your math skills to solve real world problems. Learn how you can mathematically model your problem so you can use appropriate equations to find the solution.

Solving Equations in the Real Number System

3. Solving Equations in the Real Number System

Knowing how to solve equations is a skill that is used not only in math, but many other subjects including science, engineering, and business. In this lesson, you will learn how to solve equations with numbers in the real number system.

Deductive Reasoning in Algebra

4. Deductive Reasoning in Algebra

After reading this lesson, you'll know how you can solve an algebraic problem by using what you already know is true. This is deductive reasoning. Learn how you can substitute what you know into an equation to help solve it.

Problem Solving with Irrational Numbers

5. Problem Solving with Irrational Numbers

Irrational numbers are numbers within the real number system that repeat indefinitely to the right of their decimal place, being a fraction of a non-integer. There are different types of problems involving angle-side relationships in triangles with irrational number solutions.

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