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This chapter summarizes the material students need to know about each chapter in Matilda for a standard literature course. Topics covered include:

  • Summaries of chapters 1-5 of the novel
  • Matilda chapters 6-10 summaries
  • Chapters 11-15 summaries
  • Summaries of chapters 16-21 of Matilda

21 Lessons in Chapter 4: Matilda Chapter Summaries
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Matilda Chapter 1 Summary

1. Matilda Chapter 1 Summary

Imagine being a part of family where no one cared about what you did, how you spent your day, or what interested you. This is a story about a girl named Matilda, who lives in such a family and has to make a way for herself to find her own happiness.

Matilda Chapter 2 Summary

2. Matilda Chapter 2 Summary

Most kids have parents that teach them to be honest and praise them for how smart they are, but instead, Matilda has a father that is the complete opposite, as we'll find out in this summary of Chapter 2.

Matilda Chapter 3 Summary

3. Matilda Chapter 3 Summary

So far, the first four years of Matilda's life have been filled with parents that could care less about her, especially a father that is more of an enemy than an ally. In this chapter, she gets the revenge that she said she would get in Chapter 2.

Matilda Chapter 4 Summary

4. Matilda Chapter 4 Summary

Every child imagines getting revenge on their parents for something that they've done. Normally after something like this, the child would expect the parent to change, but that's not what Matilda experiences. In this chapter, you'll see her respond to her father's bad behavior again.

Matilda Chapter 5 Summary

5. Matilda Chapter 5 Summary

By now, Matilda is five years old and knows that although she can play tricks on her parents, the only real strength that she has over them is her brain power. Once again, her intelligence will spark another fight between her and her father.

Matilda Chapter 6 Summary

6. Matilda Chapter 6 Summary

After being called a cheat and a liar in the previous chapter, Matilda immediately goes to work to settle the score between her and her father first thing in the morning. Find out what she does to him this time.

Matilda Chapter 7 Summary

7. Matilda Chapter 7 Summary

After spending five years at home, Matilda finally goes to school. Instead of having to spend the day keeping herself busy reading books and fighting parents who don't see her worth, she finally gets a new experience.

Matilda Chapter 8 Summary

8. Matilda Chapter 8 Summary

Realizing how smart Matilda is, Miss Honey tries to talk to Miss Trunchbull about what can be done for her. But Miss Trunchbull won't listen to Miss Honey. This chapter paints a picture of who Miss Trunchbull really is.

Matilda Chapter 9 Summary

9. Matilda Chapter 9 Summary

Ever since Matilda wowed her teacher, Miss Honey has felt that there is something very special about Matilda. Although Miss Trunchbull doesn't believe that Matilda is special, Miss Honey decides to put forth more effort to nurture Matilda's natural gift of intelligence.

Matilda Chapter 10 Summary

10. Matilda Chapter 10 Summary

Usually when you are new to a school, you make friends and learn who the smartest students are, which ones behave badly, or what happens to kids when they do something wrong. These are some things that Matilda learns in Chapter 10.

Matilda Chapter 11 Summary

11. Matilda Chapter 11 Summary

Typically when a student does something that they shouldn't do, the matter is handled privately between whoever is in charge of discipline and the student. In this chapter, Miss Trunchbull misuses her power to handle a student who has done something wrong.

Matilda Chapter 12 Summary

12. Matilda Chapter 12 Summary

Every student has thought about a way to get back at or play a trick on a teacher at school, but most students don't actually do it. Throughout this story, the students have played tricks on Miss Trunchbull, and now Lavender is ready to take her turn at it, too. In Chapter 12 of 'Matilda', Lavender thinks of a way to scare Miss Trunchbull.

Matilda Chapter 13 Summary

13. Matilda Chapter 13 Summary

Miss Honey has prepared the students for Miss Trunchbull's weekly visit, but there is no way the students could have been prepared for what Miss Trunchbull says or does. Even Miss Honey is surprised about how she behaves.

Matilda Chapter 14 Summary

14. Matilda Chapter 14 Summary

Miss Trunchbull's visit to Miss Honey's class hasn't been the best experience for the students, but in this chapter, the tables are turned. Miss Trunchbull begins to see what it feels like to be on the receiving end of bad behavior.

Matilda Chapter 15 Summary

15. Matilda Chapter 15 Summary

Matilda knew that she had brain power, but another power she has is the ability to make things move without touching them. This new power is something that no one knows about. In this chapter, Matilda finally talks about her newfound power.

Matilda Chapter 16 Summary

16. Matilda Chapter 16 Summary

Many students wonder what life is like for their teachers after school is out, but few actually find out. Matilda finds out more about Miss Honey when they go to her house after school for tea and to talk about her ability to move things without touching them.

Matilda Chapter 17 Summary

17. Matilda Chapter 17 Summary

Matilda has already demonstrated that she is wise beyond her five years, and while at Miss Honey's house, Miss Honey uses that as a reason why she can tell Matilda about herself. Matilda ends up knowing more about her teacher than she could have ever imagined.

Matilda Chapter 18 Summary

18. Matilda Chapter 18 Summary

Matilda has spent the school day with Miss Honey and spent time with her after school. Matilda got to go to Miss Honey's house, drink tea, and learn about her life before she became a teacher. By this point, Matilda has heard enough.

Matilda Chapter 19 Summary

19. Matilda Chapter 19 Summary

When most five-year-old children are left alone at home, they panic and cry, hoping that someone will be there soon. But for Matilda, it's the norm. In this chapter, Matilda develops her power to move things with her eyes so that she can use it when she's ready.

Matilda Chapter 20 Summary

20. Matilda Chapter 20 Summary

Once Matilda finds out everything she wants to know about Miss Honey, she uses Miss Trunchbull's upcoming classroom visit get revenge on her. Chapter 20 is the last time Miss Trunchbull will hurt anyone ever again.

Matilda Chapter 21 Summary

21. Matilda Chapter 21 Summary

Every student daydreams about the meanest teacher in the school disappearing and being able to live with their favorite teacher. In this chapter, Matilda gets to experience both of these things. Miss Trunchbull disappears, and Matilda's parents decide to leave her behind to anyone who wants her.

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