Ch 13: Medical Terminology for the Urinary System

About This Chapter

Review the terminology used when referring to the urinary system with this chapter. These lessons help you efficiently prepare for class or study for an upcoming exam.

Medical Terminology for the Urinary System - Chapter Summary

The urinary system is part of the body's excretory system and is used to remove wastes and excess water. Use these lessons to learn about the terminology medical professionals use when discussing this system. You will explore the gross anatomy of the urinary system as well as some of the most common injuries and diseases to affect it. Every lesson is available at your convenience and can be studied on your phone, tablet or computer. The Dashboard of your account makes it easy to jump between devices without fear of losing your place. When you have finished this chapter, you will better understand:

  • The gross anatomy of the urinary system
  • What the most common kidney pathologies are
  • How medical professionals diagnose urinary system problems
  • The terminology used when discussing kidney stones
  • Vocabulary doctors and nurses use to talk about bladder and urethra treatments

5 Lessons in Chapter 13: Medical Terminology for the Urinary System
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Gross Anatomy of the Urinary System

1. Gross Anatomy of the Urinary System

Our body must detoxify and cleanse itself to thrive. That is why we depend so heavily on our liver and urinary system. In this lesson, we'll explore how toxins are filtered by our organs and how urine is formed and expelled with the nephron, bladder, ureters, and urethra.

Pathologies of the Kidneys

2. Pathologies of the Kidneys

We will look at the most common conditions that affect the kidneys and their causes. The diseases that infect the kidneys will also be covered. The lesson will go over the signs and symptoms associated with each pathology.

Diagnosis of Medical Problems of the Urinary System

3. Diagnosis of Medical Problems of the Urinary System

This lesson is going to cover the diagnostic testing that is used to detect problems in the urinary tract. We will look at imaging as well as physical and chemical tests.

Kidney & Stone Treatment Terminology

4. Kidney & Stone Treatment Terminology

The kidneys are important for filtering the blood and keeping us healthy. This lesson is going to cover the treatments that are used to treat certain conditions of the kidneys and stones that develop in the urinary tract.

Bladder & Urethra Treatment Vocabulary

5. Bladder & Urethra Treatment Vocabulary

We are going to discuss the treatments that are done on the bladder and urethra in order to correct problems found in these structures. Learn about why these treatments are performed and use the quiz to test your knowledge.

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