Ch 17: Medical Terms Related to the Ears

About This Chapter

This chapter provides a comprehensive overview of medical terms related to the ears. Review fun lessons and take short quizzes to deepen your understanding of these terms while improving your ability to excel on class assignments, quizzes or exams.

Medical Terms Related to the Ears - Chapter Summary

Whether you know a little or a lot about medical terms related to the ears, this informative chapter can help you boost your comprehension. Enjoy access to entertaining lessons that define terms related to pathologies, disorders and conditions associated with ears. View these lessons anytime using any computer or mobile device to align your study of the terms with your unique schedule. Assess your comprehension by taking multiple-choice quizzes and a practice exam. When finished, you should be able to do the following:

  • List the parts of the ears
  • Define outer ear pathology terms
  • Outline terms for middle ear disorders
  • Discuss otitis media terminology
  • Identify vocabulary for inner ear conditions and hearing loss
  • Describe the diagnosis of hearing problems
  • Share terminology for ear-related problems

8 Lessons in Chapter 17: Medical Terms Related to the Ears
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The Parts of the Ears

1. The Parts of the Ears

Your ears are made up of three main parts, the external ear, middle ear, and internal ear. Sound waves move into your external ear causing the eardrum to vibrate, which moves the tiny bones of your middle ear, and then it's on to the internal ear.

Outer Ear Pathology Terms

2. Outer Ear Pathology Terms

Besides ear wax, has anything else ever come out of your ear? If so, or if you're just wondering what can, then take a look here as we go over pathologies of the outer ear.

Middle Ear Disorder Terminology

3. Middle Ear Disorder Terminology

Trauma and inflammation in the middle ear can cause pain and hearing difficulties. This lesson outlines some of the common disorders associated with the middle ear. Test your understanding by completing the quiz at the end of the lesson.

Otitis Media Terminology: Middle Ear Disease

4. Otitis Media Terminology: Middle Ear Disease

Have you ever had a middle ear infection? If so, do you know what kind you had? There are many kinds of middle ear infection, and you'll discover the proper terminology and look at some of the different kinds of infection in this lesson.

Inner Ear Condition Vocabulary

5. Inner Ear Condition Vocabulary

Have you ever had that annoying ringing in your ears? Do you know what that's called and why it occurs? You can learn about that and vertigo here as we look at conditions involving the inner ear.

Hearing Loss Vocabulary

6. Hearing Loss Vocabulary

What does it really mean to be deaf? What types of hearing loss are there? This lesson defines deafness, odd terms, like presbycusis, and several types of hearing loss.

Diagnosing Hearing Problems

7. Diagnosing Hearing Problems

If you watch the video version of this lesson, I hope your speakers are turned up so you can hear everything that is covered! In this lesson, we'll address some important vocabulary related to diagnosing hearing problems.

Treatment & Terminology of  Ear-Related Problems

8. Treatment & Terminology of Ear-Related Problems

Your ear is composed of three different sections, each of which has its own procedures that can be performed to restore function, treat a condition, or just for looks. Take a listen to this lesson and find out what some of these are.

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