Ch 14: Michigan Merit Exam: The Sun

About This Chapter

This chapter on the sun can help you get ready for the earth sciences portion of the Michigan Merit Exam. The brief and informative video lessons are designed to enhance your retention of the information by presenting it in multiple ways.

Michigan Merit Exam: The Sun - Chapter Summary

Learn about the systems and phenomena that characterize the functioning of the sun. The lessons in this chapter will present the following topics that could could encounter on the Michigan Merit Exam:

  • Solar corona and wind
  • Solar flares and prominences
  • Coronal mass ejections
  • Sunspots
  • Energy movement in the sun
  • Nuclear fusion
  • Star formation

You can watch the brief video lessons as often as you find necessary. In addition, read the written transcript to see the information in a different way and use the interactive video timeline to review the video topic by topic. The lesson quizzes and practice exams can help you prepare for the real test and help ensure that you remember the information you need.

Michigan Merit Exam: The Sun Chapter Objectives

The Michigan Merit Exam is a series of tests given to 11th-grade students in Michigan every spring to examine their academic achievement relative to the standards set by the state. This chapter pertains to content covered on the computer-based M-Step science test, which has a time limit of 50 minutes.

6 Lessons in Chapter 14: Michigan Merit Exam: The Sun
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The Solar Corona & Solar Wind

1. The Solar Corona & Solar Wind

This lesson will define the solar corona and go over how it's involved with the formation of the solar wind and why it's hotter than the photosphere despite being the outermost layer of the sun's atmosphere.

Solar Flares, Solar Prominences & Coronal Mass Ejections

2. Solar Flares, Solar Prominences & Coronal Mass Ejections

This lesson will go over three events caused by magnetic interactions in our Sun. They are prominences, flares, and coronal mass ejections. We'll also touch base on how the latter two can affect life on Earth.

What Are Sunspots?

3. What Are Sunspots?

This lesson will describe for you what sunspots are, where they appear, what parts they have, and why they're dark. It also discusses what differential rotation and a sunspot cycle are.

Why Do Sunspots Occur?

4. Why Do Sunspots Occur?

This lesson will outline for you why sunspots occur in its photosphere as we go over the Zeeman effect, polarity, and how the sunspot cycle and solar cycle are linked.

How Energy Moves Within the Sun

5. How Energy Moves Within the Sun

This lesson will describe how energy is carried from the inner reaches of the Sun, through the radiative zone, then the convective zone, and finally into space.

Nuclear Fusion & Star Formation

6. Nuclear Fusion & Star Formation

This lesson will explain how the processes of stellar formation leads to nuclear fusion. We'll also define nuclear fusion and hydrostatic equilibrium, and find out why temperature is so important to all of this.

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