Ch 15: Middle Adulthood Physical and Cognitive Development

About This Chapter

Delve into these lessons to get a better picture of the physical and cognitive development occurring during middle adulthood. Increase your own personal knowledge about this stage of life, or use the lessons to study for an exam to boost your grades.

Middle Adulthood Physical and Cognitive Development - Chapter Summary

Humans never stop changing, and every stage of life brings upon different changes for which everyone must prepare. In these lessons, you'll examine the type of changes that happen during middle adulthood that can affect an individual's mental abilities, physical strength, and well-being.

We understand that your study time may be limited, which is why we try to make our materials as convenient as possible. Instead of forcing you to read through an entire chapter, we have divided our chapter into mini-lessons, and each lesson can usually be completed in less than 10 minutes. With such short lessons, you can actually fit several of them into the breaks occurring throughout your day, making the most of what little time you have available.

At the end of this chapter, you will have gained the skills to do the following:

  • Describe the physical development that occurs during middle adulthood
  • Identify fitness and health strategies
  • Analyze sexual ability and functioning during this stage of life
  • Explain adult cognitive development
  • Define information and memory processing for adults

5 Lessons in Chapter 15: Middle Adulthood Physical and Cognitive Development
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Physical Development in Middle Adulthood

1. Physical Development in Middle Adulthood

Middle age comes with many new physical challenges, from wrinkles to hearing loss to weight gain. This lesson examines many of the signs of aging that are common in middle adulthood and how people can fight middle age weight gain.

Health and Fitness in Middle Adulthood

2. Health and Fitness in Middle Adulthood

As people age, new health issues can arise. Watch this lesson to find out more about the two most common causes of death in middle age - cancer and cardiovascular disease - and how fitness and personality can combat them.

Sexual Functioning in Middle Adulthood

3. Sexual Functioning in Middle Adulthood

Sexuality is an important part of most adults' lives. But what happens when things change? In this lesson, we'll take a look at the changes regarding sex that often occur in middle age, including sexual dysfunction and changes in the frequency of sex.

Cognitive Development in Adults

4. Cognitive Development in Adults

As people age, they discover that their thought processes change. Though some cognitive abilities decrease in middle age, some increase. In this lesson, we'll look at how executive functioning and wisdom increase in middle age.

Memory and Information Processing in Adults

5. Memory and Information Processing in Adults

During middle age, many people notice that they aren't as mentally sharp as they once were. During this lesson, we'll look at cognitive abilities that decline in middle adulthood, including information processing and working memory.

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