Ch 16: Migraines

About This Chapter

This chapter fleshes out the characteristics of migraines. You'll shore up your fundamental understanding of this ailment while going into its forms and symptoms through simple-to-follow lessons, available in both text and video format.

Migraines - Chapter Summary

This chapter looks at the ins and outs of migraines, going over their causes, signs, and treatment. You'll also study a specific type of migraine and what distinguishes it. Using the practice quizzes accompanying each lesson, you'll be able to make sure you understand each topic before moving on. By the end of the chapter, you'll have bolstered your knowledge of:

  • How to spot a migraine
  • Treating and preventing migraines
  • Understanding the sources of migraines
  • What the term 'migraine aura' means
  • Differentiating ocular migraines from standard migraines in both symptoms and treatment
  • Knowing what causes ocular migraines

6 Lessons in Chapter 16: Migraines
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What is a Migraine? - Symptoms

1. What is a Migraine? - Symptoms

Have you had a headache before? If it was a bad headache that seemed to come back over and over again, it may actually have been a migraine. A migraine is not a disease but it can be serious. This lesson defines a migraine and tells you about some of its symptoms and triggers.

Migraine: Treatment & Prevention

2. Migraine: Treatment & Prevention

In this lesson, you will learn about migraines and the tremendous impact of this disease. We will discuss the prevalence, as well as the treatment and prevention, of migraines.

What Causes Migraines?

3. What Causes Migraines?

Migraines are a giant pain in the head. Do you know what causes migraines? This lesson tells you what scientists think goes on and what may be happening in your daily life that causes them.

What is a Migraine Aura?

4. What is a Migraine Aura?

Have you ever heard of a migraine aura? It's commonly seen as a visual disturbance associated with a migraine headache but it is so much more. This lesson clearly defines what this is and what to expect and when.

Ocular Migraine: Symptoms & Treatment

5. Ocular Migraine: Symptoms & Treatment

An ocular migraine causes changes in vision in the form of light flashes, moving blind spots, or even floating squiggles over the field of vision. We'll learn about other symptoms and the treatment options for ocular migraines in this lesson.

Causes of Ocular Migraines

6. Causes of Ocular Migraines

Ocular migraines can be confusing as this term is often used for two different conditions. This lesson will review what ocular migraines are. We will also review what causes this type of migraine.

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