Ch 10: Mobile Device Security

About This Chapter

Study these fun and engaging lessons to learn mobile device security concepts. The chapter provides simple and direct instruction on several topics, including spyware detection and malware removal in mobile devices.

Mobile Device Security: Chapter Summary

This collection of technology lessons educates you on mobile device security by examining security management practices and threats to mobile devices. You'll learn how to detect spyware and malware on mobile devices and evaluate types of mobile security software.

Our expert instructors walk you through the world of mobile device security by clearly explaining important definitions and helping you remember concepts through illustrative examples. You can take a short quiz following each lesson to make sure you comprehend mobile device security risks and management.

The lessons in this chapter are designed to help you:

  • Assess the risks of mobile device security threats
  • Understand the best practices for mobile device security management
  • Identify mobile security software
  • Detect spyware on an iPhone
  • Remove cell phone spyware
  • Find, analyze, remove mobile malware

7 Lessons in Chapter 10: Mobile Device Security
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Mobile Device Security Threats, Risks & Issues

1. Mobile Device Security Threats, Risks & Issues

The rise of mobile devices has led to a whole new set of threats, risks, and issues. In this lesson, we're going to examine how organizations and individuals seek to keep their mobile devices secure and protect the data on them.

Mobile Device Security Best Practices & Management

2. Mobile Device Security Best Practices & Management

With the number of devices that are connected to your data on the rise, it is essential to be aware of the best practices to keep them secure as well as to protect your data.

Mobile Device Security Management: Software & Best Practices

3. Mobile Device Security Management: Software & Best Practices

While IT security professionals may prefer that their employees' devices never leave the office, that simply is not practical. In this lesson we look at the importance of mobile device security management.

How to Detect Spyware on an iPhone

4. How to Detect Spyware on an iPhone

Think that just because you are on your iPhone that you don't have to worry about spyware? Think again. However, as this lesson shows, there are some basic steps you can take to be on the lookout for any spyware that may infect your phone.

Cell Phone Spyware: Detection & Removal

5. Cell Phone Spyware: Detection & Removal

While you are probably aware of the threat of spyware on your computer, your phone may be a whole new issue. Luckily, this lesson will help you not only recognize spyware on both Apple and Android devices but also remove it.

Mobile Malware: Analysis & Detection

6. Mobile Malware: Analysis & Detection

One of the most important ways to lessen the danger caused by mobile malware is to be able to detect it early through device analysis. This lesson shows you what to look for.

Mobile Malware: Protection & Removal

7. Mobile Malware: Protection & Removal

If you think that your data is safe because it is on a mobile device, think again! Mobile malware has arrived in the last few years as a legitimate concern to the security of your data.

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