Ch 2: Models of Decision Making

About This Chapter

Have your employees review this online chapter to learn about a variety of decision-making models that are useful in business. Your employees can access these fun lessons and assessments whenever they have free time to strengthen their decision-making skills.

Models of Decision Making - Chapter Summary

In this chapter, your employees will learn about the characteristics of multiple decision-making models. The chapter offers short video lessons that cover the purposes and functions of several models, including the paced, normative, garbage can, administrative, incremental and democratic decision-making models/styles. You can integrate the lessons into any corporate training session, or you could assign the lessons to individual employees. The chapter also comes with short quizzes to ensure your employees' comprehension of these topics.

How It Helps

  • Builds awareness: The lessons in this chapter help employees become aware of the differences between several decision-making models
  • Helps select a practical decision-making model: The chapter can help your organization select the optimal and most appropriate decision-making model for the workplace
  • Improves decision making: Employees who complete the chapter can use these decision-making models to make more effective decisions at work

Skills Covered

By the end of the chapter, your employees should be able to:

  • Describe the paced decision-making model
  • Compare the normative, garbage can, incremental and administrative models of decision making
  • Define the democratic decision-making style
  • Choose a decision making model for your place of work

7 Lessons in Chapter 2: Models of Decision Making
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Paced Decision Making Model

1. Paced Decision Making Model

Would you like to start making more rational decisions? Discover the five steps behind the PACED decision-making model and learn to apply them in practice with the help of the PACED matrix.

The Normative Model of Decision Making

2. The Normative Model of Decision Making

How do you make a decision about how to make a decision? Explore five strategies offered by the normative model of decision making, and learn the factors to consider when choosing the best strategy for your situation.

The Garbage Can Model of Decision Making

3. The Garbage Can Model of Decision Making

Organizations can be messy! The garbage can model explains the decision-making process in organizations with changing preferences, poor processes and high staff turnover.

Administrative Model of Decision Making

4. Administrative Model of Decision Making

Do you always consider all possible alternatives before making a decision? Learn more about the concept of limited rationality and its consequences with the help of the administrative model of decision making.

The Incremental Model of Decision Making

5. The Incremental Model of Decision Making

Sometimes, the decision cannot be reached in one go. Instead, you make a step-by-step progress towards a solution. Explore the incremental model and its three phases of decision-making.

Democratic Decision-Making Style: Definition & Overview

6. Democratic Decision-Making Style: Definition & Overview

There are many ways that decisions can be made in the professional world. This lesson explains the democratic decision-making style by showing how this process works. A quiz is provided to assess your knowledge of the topic.

Practical Application: Choosing a Decision Making Model for the Workplace

7. Practical Application: Choosing a Decision Making Model for the Workplace

When facing an important decision, there are a number of systematic ways that a business leader can analyze options and make decisions. Choosing the right model is the foundation for a good decision.

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