Ch 11: Molecular Types & Structures

About This Chapter

This chapter focuses on the different types of molecules and their structures. Through the use of engaging lessons and practice quizzes, you can get ready for an exam and ultimately increase your chances of earning a good grade.

Molecular Types & Structures - Chapter Summary

In these lessons, you'll find information about molecular types and structures. You can explore the properties of small molecules, the applications of polymers, how nanoparticles are classified, and more. By the time you've completed each of these lessons, you should be able to:

  • Describe what polymers are and their properties
  • Provide examples of malleability in chemistry
  • Identify the three common allotropes of carbon
  • Discuss fullerenes and their bonding and structure characteristics
  • Distinguish the differences between nanoparticles and bulk particles
  • Understand the risks of using nanoparticles and their common uses

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7 Lessons in Chapter 11: Molecular Types & Structures
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Properties of Small Molecules

1. Properties of Small Molecules

This lesson will help you understand the chemical properties of small molecules. We'll go over the typical state of matter of small molecules, as well as the intermolecular forces present and the reason for a lack of electric charge.

What Are Polymers? - Properties, Applications & Examples

2. What Are Polymers? - Properties, Applications & Examples

Polymers are huge molecules that are encountered in nature as well as in our modern technology. This lesson introduces students to polymers, their properties, and some of the many ways polymers are found in the modern world.

Malleability in Chemistry: Definition & Examples

3. Malleability in Chemistry: Definition & Examples

This lesson defines malleability and the origin of this physical property. The lesson provides examples of how malleability of metals can be observed in everyday life.

The 3 Allotropes of Carbon

4. The 3 Allotropes of Carbon

Carbon is an incredible element with the ability to form a variety of allotropes. In this lesson, we will explore what it means for something to be an allotrope, and we will examine three common allotropes of carbon.

Fullerenes: Definition, Structure & Examples

5. Fullerenes: Definition, Structure & Examples

The purpose of this lesson is gain fluency in a class of structures known as fullerenes. We will start by taking a look at their definition and structure, then learn about some specific examples of fullerenes.

Nanoparticles: Definition, Properties & Classification

6. Nanoparticles: Definition, Properties & Classification

This lesson is an introduction to nanoparticles. The properties of nanoparticles such as photoluminescence, color, melting point, and reactivity are discussed, as well as nanoparticle classification.

Everyday Uses of Nanoparticles

7. Everyday Uses of Nanoparticles

In this lesson we will discuss everyday uses of nanoparticles. They are useful for a variety of products and industries because of their unique properties, and we find them in use all around us.

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