Ch 3: Motivating & Evaluating Virtual Teams

About This Chapter

In a virtual environment, it can sometimes be difficult to motivate employees and evaluate their job performances. These brief video lessons and quizzes explore these topics and show your managers how to work with virtual teams.

Motivating & Evaluating Virtual Teams - Chapter Summary

This chapter's lessons will show your managers how they can motivate employees on their virtual teams and how to provide feedback on their performances. Managers will examine the following:

  • Strategies for motivating members of virtual teams
  • Employee appraisals and evaluations in a virtual environment
  • Processes for providing feedback
  • Strategies for dealing with employees whose performance is not adequate

You can arrange for your managerial team to watch these corporate training lessons together, which allows for the sharing of ideas and experiences, or on their own via a computer or mobile device. There are quizzes at the end of each lesson and a final chapter exam that allows you to test their knowledge.

How It Helps

  • Improves motivation: Short video lessons offer pointers to your managers about how to motivate virtual employees in order to develop a productive work team.
  • Defines evaluation procedures: By watching these lessons, managerial staff will learn the best methods for providing regular employee appraisals and continual feedback.
  • Ensures consistency in personnel matters: Managers who study these lessons will be on the same page regarding what to do about virtual employees who are not performing up to expectations.

Skills Covered

After watching this series of lessons, your managers should be able to:

  • Implement techniques for motivating teams and individuals who work remotely
  • Describe company procedures for evaluating the performance of virtual employees
  • Implement policies for handling personnel issues, such as an employee who consistently produces sub-par work

7 Lessons in Chapter 3: Motivating & Evaluating Virtual Teams
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Strategies for Motivating Virtual Work Teams

1. Strategies for Motivating Virtual Work Teams

Motivating virtual teams requires planning and focus. Use the strategies provided in this lesson to encourage and strengthen your team, while increasing their interaction with each other.

Virtual Team Appreciation: Rewards & Recognition

2. Virtual Team Appreciation: Rewards & Recognition

Although many employees consider remote work a desirable arrangement, remote managers must maintain a sense of team cohesiveness. This lesson explores how to use employee recognition in remote teams.

Employee Evaluation in a Virtual Environment

3. Employee Evaluation in a Virtual Environment

Providing a quality employee evaluation in a virtual environment can be challenging. However, using the suggestions in this lesson, you can effectively evaluate the work your employees are doing.

Identifying Potential in Remote Employees

4. Identifying Potential in Remote Employees

When building a remote team, the remote manager has a significant responsibility with regard to the selection of team members who are most likely to succeed in this alternative environment. This lesson explores several practical steps to accomplish this.

Providing Feedback to Virtual Team Members

5. Providing Feedback to Virtual Team Members

Feedback is important in any setting, but it is even more critical in the virtual workplace. This lesson provides remote managers with guidance about the content, channels, and follow-up strategies for providing feedback to remote employees.

Mitigating Personnel Issues in a Virtual Environment

6. Mitigating Personnel Issues in a Virtual Environment

Virtual environments can pose a challenge when addressing personnel issues. Although a manager may be separated from employees physically, written communication can effectively accomplish the job of coaching, reprimanding, and resolving personnel issues.

Practical Application: Moderating Personnel Issues in a Virtual Environment

7. Practical Application: Moderating Personnel Issues in a Virtual Environment

Personnel issues can arise in any workplace, but the personnel issues that come up on virtual teams can be especially difficult to manage. In this practical application, you'll reflect on how to moderate personnel issues in a virtual environment.

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