Ch 12: MTEL English: Contemporary British Literature

About This Chapter

This engaging chapter is useful because it can help you prepare for the MTEL English exam. Review major works and authors in contemporary British literature as you study for this Massachusetts teacher certification exam.

MTEL English: Contemporary British Literature - Chapter Summary

In order to review contemporary British authors who had an impact, go through each engaging lesson in this chapter. This helps you review for MTEL English test questions related to:

  • The life and writing style of James Joyce
  • Major plays by George Bernard Shaw
  • The works of D.H. Lawrence
  • Famous poems of W.H. Auden
  • Life and poems of Dylan Thomas
  • Doris Lessing's books and biography
  • Seamus Heaney's life, works and impact

Give yourself ample preparation for the MTEL English exam by looking at these lessons, which are found in video and text formats. Make sure you are ready for the actual test by using our self-assessment quizzes.

7 Lessons in Chapter 12: MTEL English: Contemporary British Literature
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Introduction to James Joyce: Life and Evolution of Style

1. Introduction to James Joyce: Life and Evolution of Style

James Joyce was one of the most influential writers of the 20th century Modernist movement. Explore an introduction to Joyce's life and who he was, discover the evolution of his style, and survey his most important works.

Introduction to George Bernard Shaw: Life and Major Plays

2. Introduction to George Bernard Shaw: Life and Major Plays

George Bernard Shaw's life included writing major plays and winning both an Oscar award and the Nobel Prize in Literature. Explore an introduction to Shaw's accomplishments, life, and playwriting, and consider how his philosophies are present in his plays.

Introduction to D.H. Lawrence: His Works and Controversy

3. Introduction to D.H. Lawrence: His Works and Controversy

D.H. Lawrence was regarded as being a famous figure for the production of one single book: ~'Lady Chatterley's Lover.~' Learn more about D.H. Lawrence, his works, and the controversy that surrounded his private life.

W.H. Auden: Biography & Famous Poems

4. W.H. Auden: Biography & Famous Poems

W.H. Auden was an influential 20th-century poet. Explore the life of W.H. Auden, the modernist movement influencing his work, and examples of his most famous poems.

Dylan Thomas: Biography & Poems

5. Dylan Thomas: Biography & Poems

Dylan Thomas, Wales' most famous poet, continues to be taught in schools and read in homes, even after his premature death. Read about what makes his life and poetry so original.

Doris Lessing: Books & Biography

6. Doris Lessing: Books & Biography

Award-winning author Doris Lessing (1919-2013) left a legacy of personal and descriptive fiction which will continue to be read by generations of readers. This lesson provides an overview of her life and work.

Seamus Heaney: Poems & Biography

7. Seamus Heaney: Poems & Biography

In this lesson, you will learn about Irish poet Seamus Heaney. The lesson will focus on his life as a poet and professor. You will also learn about his works, including poems ~'Mid-Term Break~' and ~'Digging.~' This lesson will also discuss his impact on present-day British Literature.

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