Ch 41: MTEL Math: Similar Polygons

About This Chapter

The MTEL Mathematics exam contains questions that deal with similar polygons. In order to be prepared for this type of material, you can look through the content in this engaging chapter.

MTEL Math: Similar Polygons - Chapter Summary

Going through this chapter gives you the ability to expand on your knowledge of similar polygons and their characteristics. You will also be able to learn more about:

  • Geometric mean
  • Definition and examples of similar polygons
  • Making similar polygons
  • Similar triangles
  • Characteristics of right triangles
  • The Triangle Proportionality Theorem

One of our expert instructors will guide you through our brief video lessons to explain many of the intricate details about similar polygons that may appear on the MTEL Mathematics exam. If you need any extra assistance, you may reach out to our mathematicians and they will help as soon as they are able.

MTEL Math: Similar Polygons - Chapter Objectives

In order to get a license in Massachusetts to teach math, you need to pass the MTEL Mathematics exam. It covers different math-related topics, such as similar polygons. Subject matter in this chapter will be on the subarea 3 portion of the exam, which makes up 19% of the entire test.

There will be multiple-choice questions that you will have to answer, which require you to analyze different geometric shapes. As you review each lesson, take note of what similar polygons look like and the properties they possess. Doing these things will help you fully prepare for the exam.

7 Lessons in Chapter 41: MTEL Math: Similar Polygons
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Geometric Mean: Definition and Formula

1. Geometric Mean: Definition and Formula

Watch this video lesson to learn how different the geometric mean is from the arithmetic mean, or average, that we are all so familiar with. Learn in what circumstance the geometric mean is preferred. Also, learn the formula and how to use it.

Similar Polygons: Definition and Examples

2. Similar Polygons: Definition and Examples

Watch this video to learn what makes two polygons similar to each other. You'll also learn the one distinguishing aspect of similar polygons and see an example of how to compare two polygons.

Similar Triangles & the AA Criterion

3. Similar Triangles & the AA Criterion

This video lesson explains the AA criterion and shows you why you only need two corresponding angles to be equal for two triangles to be similar. You will also see how you can use it to help you identify similar triangles.

The Transitive Property of Similar Triangles

4. The Transitive Property of Similar Triangles

Watch this video lesson and you will understand what the transitive property is and how it applies to similar triangles. Watch as we apply the transitive property to three similar triangles.

Triangle Proportionality Theorem

5. Triangle Proportionality Theorem

Watch this video lesson to learn all about the triangle proportionality theorem and how you can use this interesting theorem to help you solve problems. Learn how a parallel line can create sides that are proportional to each other.

Constructing Similar Polygons

6. Constructing Similar Polygons

This lesson will teach you how to construct similar polygons, which are very useful in many quantitative fields. You'll learn that all of this has something to do with, of all things, snowflakes!

Properties of Right Triangles: Theorems & Proofs

7. Properties of Right Triangles: Theorems & Proofs

In this lesson, you will learn about the properties of and theorems associated with right triangles, which have a wide range of applications in math and science. Specifically, we will discuss and prove the Pythagorean theorem and the right triangle altitude theorem. Let's get started.

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