Ch 31: MTLE Basic Skills: Probability

About This Chapter

Gain practice in calculating probabilities by reviewing the material and completing the lessons and quizzes in the Probability chapter of this study guide. Add this refresher course to your tool box as you prepare for the MTLE Basic skills test.

MTLE Basic Skills: Probability - Chapter Summary

Review the concepts of standard deviation, independent and dependent events and more in this chapter on working with probabilities. In preparation for taking the MTLE Basic Skills exam, you can study the following:

  • Explanation and definition of probability in mathematics
  • Concepts of variance and standard deviation
  • Applications and explanation of conditional probability
  • Procedures for calculating simple conditional probabilities
  • How to calculate probability of dependent and independent events

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5 Lessons in Chapter 31: MTLE Basic Skills: Probability
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What is Probability in Math? - Definition & Overview

1. What is Probability in Math? - Definition & Overview

Remember throwing a quarter and calling out heads or tails? Learn what this has to do with probability. Also learn how you can use your newly-learned skills from this lesson to help you decide whether you should play heads or tails at all!

What is Standard Deviation? - Definition, Equation & Sample

2. What is Standard Deviation? - Definition, Equation & Sample

This lesson will examine the concepts of standard deviation and variance. It will examine the formula for standard deviation and show how to calculate it for both a population and a sample of a population.

Conditional Probability: Definition & Uses

3. Conditional Probability: Definition & Uses

We know a coin can land on either heads or tails. But what would happen if one coin flip changed the next? In this lesson, we'll look at events that are dependent on each other, and we'll learn how to calculate the probability of two events occurring in a combined manner.

How to Calculate Simple Conditional Probabilities

4. How to Calculate Simple Conditional Probabilities

Conditional probability, just like it sounds, is a probability that happens on the condition of a previous event occurring. To calculate conditional probabilities, we must first consider the effects of the previous event on the current event.

Probability of Independent and Dependent Events

5. Probability of Independent and Dependent Events

Sometimes probabilities need to be calculated when more than one event occurs. These types of compound events are called independent and dependent events. Through this lesson, we will look at some real-world examples of how to calculate these probabilities.

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