Ch 4: MTTC Math (Secondary): Integers

About This Chapter

Learn more about integers when you watch this chapter's illuminating video lessons on the topic. Review the educational material and take the self-assessment quizzes as you prepare for the MTTC Math (Secondary) examination for teacher certification.

MTTC Math - Secondary - Integers - Chapter Summary

Remember strategies for adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying integers when you study the information and step-by-step instructions in this chapter's online videos. The lessons focus on positive and negative integers as well as the order of operations. Get ready to take the MTTC Math (Secondary) examination while you review these and other concepts. This chapter might help you to:

  • Comprehend absolute value and determine how to find an integer's opposite
  • Explain how to compare integers
  • Expand your knowledge of integer inequalities that have absolute values
  • Add, multiply, divide and subtract integers
  • Simplify integer expressions

The explanatory video lessons are taught by accomplished mathematics instructors who present facts so that they are fun to learn. They include corresponding text transcripts as well as video tags that switch between different topics. Some of the video lessons also contain clickable links for key terminology. Seize the opportunity to ask questions of the experts, and experience the types of questions you'll find on the MTTC Math (Secondary) examination when you take the lesson quizzes.

MTTC Math (Secondary) - Integers Objectives

By reviewing this chapter's lessons and taking its quizzes, you could be prepared for the questions you'll find on the 'Mathematical Processes and Number Concepts' portion of the MTTC Math (Secondary) examination. Containing 22% of the examination's questions, this section is one of four subareas. You'll have the option of taking a paper-based examination or having it administered by computer. If you sit for the paper-based test, you'll be given four hours and 30 minutes for completion, whereas you'll be allotted two hours and 30 minutes to finish the computer-based test. Regardless of the version you choose, you'll be required to answer 80 multiple-choice questions.

8 Lessons in Chapter 4: MTTC Math (Secondary): Integers
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Absolute Value & Opposite Integers

1. Absolute Value & Opposite Integers

After watching this video lesson, you'll understand what an absolute value is, and you'll also learn how to find the opposite of an integer. In addition, you'll learn how every pair of opposite integers will always add up to zero.

Integer Inequalities with Absolute Values

2. Integer Inequalities with Absolute Values

After watching this video lesson, you will know the ins and outs of solving inequalities involving absolute values. Learn how you will end up with two different answers.

How to Compare Integers

3. How to Compare Integers

In this lesson, you'll learn how numbers or integers compare to others integers. In no time, you will be able to easily and quickly determine whether one number is smaller than, larger than, or equal to another.

Adding Positive & Negative Integers

4. Adding Positive & Negative Integers

After watching this video lesson, you will be able to add all kinds of integers together. This is a skill that will benefit you when playing games and when doing math tests. After watching the video, try some example problem on your own with our quiz.

Subtraction Equations with One-Digit Integers

5. Subtraction Equations with One-Digit Integers

Watch this video lesson to learn how you can solve subtraction problems where you need to find a missing value. Learn what steps you need to take to easily solve these types of equations.

Multiplying Integers: Rules & Examples

6. Multiplying Integers: Rules & Examples

In this lesson, we will discuss what numbers are included in the integers and how to multiply them. We will deal with 1-, 2-, and 3-digit numbers as well as negatives and positives. There are some definitions included as well as a quiz at the end.

Dividing Integers: Rules & Terminology

7. Dividing Integers: Rules & Terminology

In this lesson, we will learn how to divide integers or signed numbers. Determining the correct sign of the answer is a very simple but important step in these calculations. We will also learn the role of zero in division of integers.

How to Simplify Expressions with Integers

8. How to Simplify Expressions with Integers

After watching this video lesson, you will be able to simplify any integer expression by following the order of operations. Learn what to watch for and in what order to do your operations.

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