Ch 32: MTTC Mathematics (Elementary): Calculus Concepts

About This Chapter

Familiarize yourself with some calculus concepts to ensure you're prepared for the MTTC Mathematics (Elementary) exam. The engaging lessons throughout the chapter make reviewing calculus material fun.

MTTC Mathematics (Elementary): Calculus Concepts - Chapter Summary

You can review key concepts associated with calculus with this chapter. These lessons will ensure you're ready to take the MTTC Mathematics (Elementary) exam by preparing you to answer questions about:

  • Slopes and tangents
  • Derivatives
  • Riemann sums
  • Definite integrals
  • Dynamic motion and integration

Check out these video lessons from your computer or Internet-enabled handheld device. Each lesson comes with a quiz that will allow you to practice finding the solutions to problems involving these concepts.

7 Lessons in Chapter 32: MTTC Mathematics (Elementary): Calculus Concepts
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Slopes and Tangents on a Graph

1. Slopes and Tangents on a Graph

Hit the slopes and learn how the steepness of a line is calculated. Calculate the slopes between points and draw the tangents of curves on graphs in this lesson.

Derivatives: The Formal Definition

2. Derivatives: The Formal Definition

The derivative defines calculus. In this lesson, learn how the derivative is related to the instantaneous rate of change with Super C, the cannonball man.

Derivatives: Graphical Representations

3. Derivatives: Graphical Representations

Take a graphical look at the definitive element of calculus: the derivative. The slope of a function is the derivative, as you will see in this lesson.

How to Use Riemann Sums for Functions and Graphs

4. How to Use Riemann Sums for Functions and Graphs

Find out how Riemann sums can be used to calculate multiple areas efficiently. In this lesson, you'll learn how this can come in handy for irregular areas and how you can put it to use.

Definite Integrals: Definition

5. Definite Integrals: Definition

Explore how driving backwards takes you where you've already been as we define definite integrals. This lesson will also teach you the relationship between definite integrals and Riemann sums. Then, discover how an integral changes when it is above and below the x-axis.

How to Use Riemann Sums to Calculate Integrals

6. How to Use Riemann Sums to Calculate Integrals

As a new property owner, you might relish mowing your lawn. Up and down your property you mow and measure out small sections to find the area of your property. In this lesson, you will discover what a Riemann sum approach is and how to calculate an estimated area using multiple slices.

Integration and Dynamic Motion

7. Integration and Dynamic Motion

This lesson uses driving to demonstrate how graphing can help you use calculus to figure out how fast you were going at a given time. Using this lesson, you can learn how to integrate your velocity to find your position.

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