Ch 9: MTTC Political Science: International Law & Treaties

About This Chapter

This chapter explores the fundamentals of international law and treaties. Use its online video lessons to review these topics and get ready to answer relevant questions on the MTTC Political Science examination.

MTTC Political Science: International Law and Treaties - Chapter Summary

Although you probably have a good understanding of international law and treaties from your college studies, you can utilize this chapter to strengthen your knowledge world politics and famous conventions prior to taking the MTTC Political Science examination. Delve further into the use of treaties and the international organizations that create them. This chapter's videos might assist you with:

  • Detailing UN conventions, treaties and other international law sources
  • Examining the role of the International Court of Justice
  • Discussing the importance of political protocols
  • Contrasting bilateral and multilateral international business treaties

Accomplished educators convey details about these topics through this chapter's brief but informative video lessons. If you wish to revisit any specific topic, use the video tags to move to particular points rather than re-watching them in their entirety. Take advantage of the convenience of self-paced study and the opportunity to submit your questions to political science experts. Ensure your preparedness for these topics on the MTTC Political Science examination by taking the multiple-choice lesson quizzes.

MTTC Political Science - International Law and Treaties Objectives

The MTTC Political Science examination consists of four sub-areas. The second sub-area, Foundations and Operation of Government in the United States, contains questions about the international law and treaties topics you reviewed in this chapter. This sub-area equals 40% of the examination. There are 100 multiple-choice questions on the test, which is delivered in both a paper-based and electronic format.

5 Lessons in Chapter 9: MTTC Political Science: International Law & Treaties
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Sources of International Law

1. Sources of International Law

You often hear people talking about the importance of international law, but where does it come from? This lesson explains many of the sources of international law, from ancient treaties to modern courts.

International Court of Justice: Role & Jurisdiction

2. International Court of Justice: Role & Jurisdiction

When talks break down between people over issues, lawsuits are often filed. Between countries, wars were often fought. However, with the creation of the International Court of Justice, a new forum for disputes exists.

International Conventions & World Politics

3. International Conventions & World Politics

This lesson explains the use of conventions in world politics. It highlights the Geneva Convention, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, and the United Nations Convention against Torture.

International Protocols in Global Politics

4. International Protocols in Global Politics

This lesson will explain the different uses of the word 'protocol' within political science. In doing this, it will highlight protocol as rules of courtesy, as well as focusing on agreements like the Kyoto Protocol.

Treaties Under Article II of the U.S. Constitution

5. Treaties Under Article II of the U.S. Constitution

Treaties are an important part of international law. A treaty is a legally binding agreement made between two or more government entities. This lesson explains the difference between bilateral and multilateral treaties.

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