Ch 7: MTTC Reading: Phonology, Phonemes & Phonics

About This Chapter

As you prepare for the MTTC Reading exam, complete the lessons of this chapter to study the stages of phonological development explore methods for teaching phonics and spelling in the classroom.

MTTC Reading: Phonology, Phonemes & Phonics - Chapter Summary

Watch these lesson videos to learn more about the development of phonological awareness and spelling skills as well as some methods teachers can use to promote this development. These online lessons can be viewed on your mobile devices. Follow along with our expert instructors as they discuss:

  • Phonemes
  • Stages of phonological development
  • Morphemes
  • Ways of teaching phonics
  • Processes of developing spelling skills
  • Use of prefixes, suffixes and root words

If at any time during this chapter you develop questions about the material presented, ask our instructors for clarification via the teacher's tab. You can also read over the transcripts at your leisure. They reflect the video presentations verbatim. Several quizzes are included in the chapter. Use them to make sure you're ready for exam questions about phonology, phonemes and phonics.

MTTC Reading: Phonology, Phonemes & Phonics Chapter Objectives

The state of Michigan uses the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) Reading to measure future reading teachers' knowledge of reading instruction before granting them certification. Be prepared to complete the 100 multiple-choice questions during either of the exam's two versions. The paper-based certification test has a four-hour-and-30-minute time limit while the computer-based test has a limit of two hours and 30 minutes. Nineteen percent of these questions belong to the subarea of Meaning and Communication, 18% belong to the subarea of Skills and Processes and another 18% belong to the subarea of Instruction. You should be prepared for some of the questions in all three of these subareas to ask you about phonemic systems and awareness.

6 Lessons in Chapter 7: MTTC Reading: Phonology, Phonemes & Phonics
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Phoneme: Definition, Segmentation & Examples

1. Phoneme: Definition, Segmentation & Examples

Phonemes are tiny units of sound in speech. When phonemes are combined, they can make up words. In this lesson, we will discuss what phonemes are, how to segment them in words and why they are important.

Phonological Development in Children: Stages & Overview

2. Phonological Development in Children: Stages & Overview

In this lesson you'll learn all about how children develop the ability to turn basic units of sound into actual language. We'll cover the major phonological skills and the stages of development. Following the lesson is a short quiz.

Morphemes: Examples, Definition & Types

3. Morphemes: Examples, Definition & Types

The smallest recognized unit of meaning, morphemes function as the foundation of language. Explore this foundation through a full definition, discussion of types, and examples. Then, test your knowledge with a quiz.

Teaching Phonics in the Classroom

4. Teaching Phonics in the Classroom

In this lesson, you will work toward being able to explain phonics as a teaching method, understanding the connection between phonics and phonological awareness, and understanding some activities and strategies to help with teaching phonics.

The Spelling Development Process

5. The Spelling Development Process

The process of learning to spell can often be complicated and frustrating for students. With the right method of instruction and a solid understanding of the relationship between spelling and reading, spelling can be a breeze. Read on for details.

Spelling & Word Patterns: Prefixes, Suffixes & Root Words

6. Spelling & Word Patterns: Prefixes, Suffixes & Root Words

How do we form words in our language? What gives them definitions? Watch this video lesson to discover how word parts like prefixes, suffixes and root words make up words and affect their meanings.

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