Ch 26: MTTC Social Studies (Secondary): Jacksonian Democracy

About This Chapter

Explore Jacksonian democracy and test your knowledge by watching this chapter's video lessons and taking its self-assessment quizzes. These lessons were designed to help you succeed when you take the MTTC Social Studies (Secondary) examination.

MTTC Social Studies (Secondary) Jacksonian Democracy - Chapter Summary

Master Jacksonian democracy before you sit for the MTTC Social Studies (Secondary) examination. This chapter will teach you more about the presidency and economic policies of Andrew Jackson. It will also remind you about various conflicts and political battles that transpired during the 1800s. For instance, the videos in this chapter highlight the sectional differences between the north, south and western states. Watch the online lessons in order to:

  • Discuss Jackson's election during the Age of the Common Man
  • Explore the views of Jackson and Calhoun on the rights of individual states
  • Describe the implications of the Indian Removal Act of 1830
  • Examine the activities of the 1800s Bank of the United States
  • Learn more about the elections and presidencies of Presidents Harrison and Van Buren

You can receive personalized support as you go through each of these informational video lessons on Jacksonian democracy. Submit your questions on the topic to the expert instructors. The animated lessons provide the opportunity to learn visually, but you can also make use of the written transcripts. Watch the convenient lessons on your mobile device at any time of the day or night. Use the video tags to pause the lessons or to quickly find specific material. Evaluate your retention by taking the quizzes and the practice chapter examination.

MTTC Social Studies (Secondary) Jacksonian Democracy Chapter Objectives

There are seven sub-areas on the MTTC Social Studies (Secondary) examination. The third sub-area, U.S. History, accounts for 18% of the test. Apply what you learned throughout this chapter and during your previous studies when you reach this sub-area.

Satisfactorily answer the paper-based or computer-based examination's 100 multiple-choice questions as you pursue a secondary social studies teaching endorsement in Michigan. When taking the paper-based examination, you'll be allowed about four hours and 30 minutes to finish all seven sub-areas of the examination. There is also a computer-based test. It, too, consists of 100 multiple choice questions. The time limit for the computerized examination is two hours and 30 minutes.

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