Ch 8: Musical Forms

About This Chapter

Watch video lessons and learn about the different aspects of musical forms. Get definitions for musical and sectional forms and find out how musical forms were developed historically.

Musical Forms - Chapter Summary

In this chapter, our instructors explain how various musical forms differ from each other and how these musical forms were developed over time. You will be introduced to important musical forms, as well as key vocabulary terms related to this topic. This chapter will discuss how music can be organized into sections and why this process is important.

You'll learn about the different types of phrases, which are musical sentences that form the sections of a song. As you progress through this chapter, you can study sonatas and concertos and find out where a cadenza would be included in a concerto. After completing this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Define and analyze different types of musical forms
  • Identify sectional music forms
  • Discuss the different forms that are found in classical music
  • Recognize various phrases
  • Chart the development of musical forms throughout history
  • Explain the parts of binary and ternary forms

We use short, engaging video lessons to simplify the learning process. In addition to the video lessons, which are taught by professional instructors, you'll find self-assessment quizzes and lesson transcripts with each video that you watch. Key terms that you'll want to remember are often linked to text lessons that provide additional details. If you want to revisit a main point without re-watching the entire video lesson, you'll also find video tags that you can use to quickly access that information.

6 Lessons in Chapter 8: Musical Forms
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Musical Form: Definitions and Analysis

1. Musical Form: Definitions and Analysis

What is musical form and why is it important? How can we determine the form of a song just by listening? In this lesson, learn the different parts that make up a musical form.

Musical Form: Phrasing, Binary, and Ternary Forms

2. Musical Form: Phrasing, Binary, and Ternary Forms

Why do composers use form? How do composers use phrases to create tension and release in their music? What is binary form, and how does it compare to ternary form? Find out in this lesson!

Classical Music Forms: Symphonic, Sonata, Theme and Variation & Rondo Forms

3. Classical Music Forms: Symphonic, Sonata, Theme and Variation & Rondo Forms

What exactly is a symphony? Why are some classical songs called sonata or rondo? Discover the answers to these questions as you study the different forms of classical music in this lesson.

Strophic: Definition, Form & Example

4. Strophic: Definition, Form & Example

Strophic is a common song form found in many popular songs, folk songs, and hymns. This lesson will discuss the strophic form and give examples of its use.

Through-Composed Music: Definition, Form & Songs

5. Through-Composed Music: Definition, Form & Songs

In this lesson, you will learn about what make a piece of music through-composed. You will learn about the form of through-composed music and become familiar with some examples in this style.

Development of Musical Form Throughout History

6. Development of Musical Form Throughout History

If you think that classical music has always been classic, think again - it was really just one in a line of musical forms. Western music has evolved throughout history, starting with monastic chants and continuing through today's varied styles.

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