Ch 11: National Parks Lesson Plans & Resources

About This Chapter

Plan lessons about national parks with this mobile-friendly teacher resource chapter. The chapter's lesson plan outlines and related lessons make the process of planning a national park unit fun and easy.

National Parks Lesson Plans & Resources - Chapter Summary

This collection of teacher resources is a convenient option for teachers who need to design a curriculum about national parks, or who want to enhance their existing national park lessons. Inside the chapter, you'll find simple lesson plan outlines about the following topics:

  • National monuments
  • Yosemite National Park
  • National park brochures
  • Everglades National Park
  • Angel Island
  • Yellowstone National Park

The lesson plans also come with supplemental lessons that go into more detail about the histories, locations and facts about these particular national parks. You can plan your national park unit at any time and integrate the accompanying lessons in your classroom.

How It Helps

  • Helps plan lessons: The comprehensive lesson plan outlines are designed to simplify the process of planning lessons about important national parks, leaving you more time to concentrate on other classroom tasks.
  • Supplements instruction: You can incorporate the supplemental national park lessons into your classroom instruction, or you can have your students review them at home.
  • Improves student understanding: Lesson supplements come with quizzes to help your students retain their knowledge of national parks.

How It Works

This helpful resource offers teachers lesson plan outlines with relevant tools to make planning national park lessons easy.

  • Find lesson plans for specific national park topics you want to cover in class.
  • Formulate your national park class outline using the suggested classroom tools offered in the lesson plans.
  • Share the related national park lessons for each lesson plan with students in class to make learning fun and engaging.
  • Use related lesson quizzes to ensure your students understand the most important national park concepts from the lessons.
  • Engage your students with relevant national park-related activities, discussion questions or other materials found in the lesson plan outline.

10 Lessons in Chapter 11: National Parks Lesson Plans & Resources
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National Park Lesson Plan

1. National Park Lesson Plan

Whose job is it to take care of our national parks? This lesson plan guides your students through an understanding of the governing process of our national parks with discussion as well as art and creative writing projects.

National Monuments Lesson Plan

2. National Monuments Lesson Plan

Looking for a fun way to teach your students about the national monuments of America? This lesson plan summarizes the significance and importance of national monuments for the class. An activity will help students learn about specific monuments.

National Park Brochure Lesson Plan

3. National Park Brochure Lesson Plan

With this lesson plan, your students are going to practice researching and presenting information about national parks. They will create their own park, compare it to existing ones, and synthesize their ideas into a fictional park brochure.

Yellowstone National Park Lesson Plan

4. Yellowstone National Park Lesson Plan

What do your students know about the national treasure that is Yellowstone National Park? This lesson plan uses an engaging and informative text lesson to explain the wonders of Yellowstone. An activity invites students to welcome people to the park.

Yosemite National Park Lesson Plan

5. Yosemite National Park Lesson Plan

Where is Yosemite National Park and why is it so popular among tourists? This lesson plan uses a text lesson to outline the history and significance of Yosemite National Park. An activity places students in the role of activist.

Yosemite National Park: Location & Facts

6. Yosemite National Park: Location & Facts

Yosemite National Park was not the nation's first park, but it did have a larger impact than nearly any other. In this lesson, we'll look at the history of Yosemite and check out some interesting facts about it.

Angel Island Lesson Plan

7. Angel Island Lesson Plan

This lesson plan will explore Angel Island's history, purpose and current use. Students will read a lesson, answer discussion questions, complete an activity and take a quiz.

Angel Island: Definition, History & Facts

8. Angel Island: Definition, History & Facts

Angel Island is the largest island in California's San Francisco Bay area. In this lesson, you'll learn about its diverse history that includes military use and an immigration point of entry, then take a quiz to see what you've learned.

Everglades National Park Lesson Plan

9. Everglades National Park Lesson Plan

With this lesson plan, your students are going to learn about American conservation and the Everglades National Park. They will apply their understanding to a simple creative project.

Everglades National Park: Facts & Location

10. Everglades National Park: Facts & Location

The Everglades National Park preserves one of the most unique wildernesses in North America. In this lesson, we'll explore the history of this park and see what makes it so important.

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