Ch 6: Neoclassical Architecture

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Boost your confidence ahead of an exam with this engaging chapter covering neoclassical architecture. Our lessons outline the essential topics related to architecture design, while the multiple-choice quizzes help you see how well you understand the material and where more study is needed.

Neoclassical Architecture - Chapter Summary

These informative lessons discuss neoclassical architecture and how it is used in several different countries around the world. Each lesson is accompanied by a multiple-choice quiz, and a chapter test is also available to see how well you understood the material presented. You can access these learning tools 24 hours a day on your computer, mobile phone or tablet for easy, convenient study. You're welcome to contact one of our professional instructors if you have any additional questions along the way. By completing this chapter, you should learn:

  • Who are the prominent German and Britisha neoclassical architects
  • How neoclassical architecture was used in Greece
  • What are some examples of neoclassical architecture in Russia and England
  • How neoclassical architecture has been influenced by Egypt

6 Lessons in Chapter 6: Neoclassical Architecture
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British Neoclassical Architects

1. British Neoclassical Architects

The neoclassical period in Britain was a movement that supported a return to the ideals of ancient Rome. John Nash, Phillip Hardwick, and James Wyatt are just three of Britain's finest neoclassical architects, who we will learn about in this lesson.

Neoclassical Architects in Germany

2. Neoclassical Architects in Germany

Neoclassical architecture was a reaction against the excessive ornamentation of Baroque and Rococo architecture. As a movement, Neoclassicism sought to recreate the style and order of Ancient Greece and Rome. This article will explore the work of Neoclassical Architects in Germany.

Neoclassical Greek Architecture

3. Neoclassical Greek Architecture

Neoclassicism was based around a revival of ancient Greek forms, so why'd it take this style so long to appear in Greece? In this lesson, we'll check out Greek Neoclassical architecture and explore the most notable works.

Neoclassical Architecture in England

4. Neoclassical Architecture in England

The Neoclassical movement in architecture looked a little bit different in every country. In this lesson, we'll see what it looked like in England and check out some notable structures.

Neoclassical Architecture in Russia

5. Neoclassical Architecture in Russia

In this lesson, learn about Russian Neoclassical architecture. Discover the most important characteristics and examples of this style, which is deeply influenced by ancient Greek and Roman architecture.

Egyptian Influence in Neoclassical Architecture

6. Egyptian Influence in Neoclassical Architecture

Obelisks, sphinxes and lotus flowers: how did Egyptian design elements find their way into early nineteenth-century buildings? In this lesson, explore Egyptian influence in Neoclassical architecture.

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