Ch 6: Nervous System Overview Flashcards

About This Chapter

If you are nervous about an upcoming exam or assignment, don't worry - you can use these flashcard sets to check what you know about the human nervous system. You'll be able to test yourself on definitions, terms, nervous system functions and more.

Nervous System Overview - Summary

These flashcards allow you to check what you know about the structures and functions of the human nervous system. You can test yourself on everything from cranial nerves to spinal nerves and key terms used in neurology. These cards offer you a review of the following material:

  • Parts of the brain
  • Cranial and spinal nerves
  • The nervous system
  • Neurology terminology
  • Types of neurotransmitters

How They Work

These flashcards are designed to help you memorize the most important aspects and terms of the human nervous system.

  • Open a flashcard set for the nervous system topic you're studying.
  • Identify the image, word, name or event on the flashcard.
  • Click the button to flip the card and view the answer.
  • Select whether you got it right or missed it to keep track of your progress.
  • Click the Next arrow to proceed through the flashcard set.
  • Review the nervous system cards you missed or shuffle all cards back in and go through them again.

6 Lessons in Chapter 6: Nervous System Overview Flashcards
Parts of the Brain Flashcards

Parts of the Brain Flashcards

Does the thought of memorizing parts of the brain and their functions give you a headache? With some simple acronyms created by psychologists, memorization will become a snap! These cards contain those mnemonic devices that allow for greater retention of the parts of the human brain.

Spinal Nerves List & Flashcards

Spinal Nerves List & Flashcards

This set of flashcards can help you review the spinal nerves found in the human body. Go over their location and focus on their functions as you complete these cards.

Cranial Nerves List & Flashcards

Cranial Nerves List & Flashcards

Have you ever wondered how the brain works? Wondered what nerves are involved in brain activity and what they do? This flashcard set will provide vocabulary terms and images to describe the cranial nerves and their functions.

Nervous System Flashcards

Nervous System Flashcards

This set of flashcards will help you understand the different divisions of the human nervous system. Learn about the parts of the nervous system that give you information about your environment, keep your heart beating and allow your eyes to move to read this description right now!

Neurology Terms Flashcards

Neurology Terms Flashcards

Use these flashcards to go over terms associated with neurology. You can focus on the nervous system and some of the common medical tests used by neurologists.

Neurotransmitters List & Flashcards

Neurotransmitters List & Flashcards

Do you ever wonder what regulates your mood or your feeling of pain or itching? In this set of flashcards you will learn about how chemicals in the brain called neurotransmitters control such functions. You will also learn about the two different types of these neurotransmitters including their function.

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