Ch 3: NES General Science: Science & Society

About This Chapter

Use this chapter to strengthen your knowledge of science and society as you prepare for the NES General Science assessment. Watch short video lessons and take self-assessment quizzes to gauge your comprehension of the materials.

NES General Science: Science & Society - Chapter Summary

Simplify the process of studying for the NES General Science assessment by exploring science and society through the video lessons in this chapter. Reviewing the lessons can ensure you're prepared for questions related to:

  • Examining the interrelationships between STEM and society
  • Analyzing science in mass media
  • Naming unifying principles, relationships and themes in science
  • Summarizing the important events, contributions and theories in the history of science
  • Understanding the impact of science and technology on social ethics

The instructors in the video lessons guide you through lesson topics to help you fully understand science and technology. Enjoy watching the videos from the comfort of your home or on the go via your smartphone or tablet. You're also encouraged to take the included self-assessments to further reinforce your understanding of the material.

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