Ch 41: NES Math: Geometric Solids

About This Chapter

Use the lessons in this chapter to refresh your knowledge of how to measure the area and volume of solid shapes. Our guide offers a variety of study tools to help you with questions on this topic on the NES Math exam.

NES Math: Geometric Solids - Chapter Summary

Let us help you review information about the properties of solid geometric figures as you study for the NES Math test. Our video lessons cover topics including:

  • Definition of planes and polyhedrons
  • Ways to calculate the volumes of basic shapes
  • Definition and how to find the volume and area of prisms, pyramids, cones, cylinders and spheres

You can watch these short lessons on a computer, smartphone or tablet, from anywhere you've got an Internet connection and a few minutes to devote to study. Lesson quizzes and a comprehensive chapter exam show help you evaluate your learning. The answer keys include links that let you click back to parts of the video that explain any answers you may have missed.

NES Math: Geometric Solids - Chapter Objectives

Five states make passing the NES Math test a condition for obtaining a license to teach math at the secondary level. The test's questions are divided into five content domains, and questions on geometric solids are in the Measurement and Geometry content domain. This content domain accounts for 19% of the total score.

Like our lesson quizzes and chapter exam, the NES Math test consists entirely of multiple-choice questions. The tests in this study guide let you get a feel for the format you'll encounter on test day, as well as offering an assessment of your learning.

7 Lessons in Chapter 41: NES Math: Geometric Solids
Planes and the Polyhedron: Definition and Example

1. Planes and the Polyhedron: Definition and Example

Did you ever wonder what the pyramids in Egypt have to do with math? Watch this video to find out where in math a pyramid comes into play. Also, learn how flat, 2-dimensional shapes also come into play.

How to Calculate the Volumes of Basic Shapes

2. How to Calculate the Volumes of Basic Shapes

Squares pegs = square holes. Triangular pegs = triangular holes. But where does a sphere go? In this lesson, review volumes of common shapes while contrasting a sphere and a cylinder - after all, they both go into the circular hole... right?

Prisms: Definition, Area & Volume

3. Prisms: Definition, Area & Volume

Watch this video lesson and you will see that there are different kinds of prisms. You will also learn how to separate a prism into its various parts so you can easily find the surface area. You will also learn the formula for the volume.

Pyramids: Definition, Area & Volume

4. Pyramids: Definition, Area & Volume

Do you think of the great pyramids of Egypt when you hear the word pyramids? Watch this video lesson to learn why they are called pyramids and also how to find their surface area and volume.

What Are Cylinders? - Definition, Area & Volume

5. What Are Cylinders? - Definition, Area & Volume

Watch this video lesson to learn why soda cans are cylinders and the method by which you can discover how much soda can fit inside by finding the volume. You will also learn about finding a cylinder's surface area.

Cones: Definition, Area & Volume

6. Cones: Definition, Area & Volume

Watch this video lesson to learn where in the real world you will see cones. Also, you will learn the formulas for finding the surface area and volume of these cones.

Spheres: Definition, Area & Volume

7. Spheres: Definition, Area & Volume

Watch this video lesson to learn how you can find the surface area and volume of spheres. Learn the formulas and measurements you need to solve problems and discover how to identify spheres in the real world.

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