Ch 23: NES Middle Grades ELA: Sentence Structure

About This Chapter

Get reacquainted with sentence structure by watching the short videos in this chapter. Take self-assessment quizzes to gauge your comprehension of lesson concepts as you prepare to take the NES Middle Grades ELA exam.

NES Middle Grades ELA: Sentence Structure - Chapter Summary

Use this chapter to brush up on your knowledge of sentence structure as you study for the NES Middle Grades ELA assessment. In no time, you'll be ready to:

  • Define and describe complete sentences
  • Explain the meaning of the compound sentence
  • Share examples of complex sentences
  • Teach the meaning and use of the compound-complex sentence
  • Describe sentence fragments, comma splices and run-on sentences

The video lessons are visually entertaining and packed with definitions and examples that can ensure you're prepared to answer questions on the exam related to sentence structure. If you need to review key information in the lessons, use timelines that allow you to click and skip to specific topics throughout the videos.

Objectives of the NES Middle Grades ELA: Sentence Structure Chapter

Prospective and current educators take the NES Middle Grades ELA assessment to meet state requirements for certification or licensure to teach English language arts in the middle grades classroom. This chapter is designed to increase your chances of passing by helping you prepare for sentence structure-related topics covered in the English language conventions, composition, writing process and research content domain of the test. This portion constitutes approximately 15% of the total exam.

The test consists of 150 multiple-choice questions. Make studying for these questions easier by refreshing your knowledge of sentence structure then testing that knowledge with short lesson quizzes. Any questions you have about lesson topics can be submitted to expert tutors who are eager to help.

5 Lessons in Chapter 23: NES Middle Grades ELA: Sentence Structure
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Complete Sentence: Examples & Definition

1. Complete Sentence: Examples & Definition

Although it seems simple, writing in complete sentences is a necessity that can trip up even seasoned writers. In this lesson, we will examine how to write in a complete sentence and why it is so important.

What is a Compound Sentence? - Examples & Definition

2. What is a Compound Sentence? - Examples & Definition

In this lesson, we'll cover compound sentences and how to create them by joining two or more independent clauses together. Compound sentences differ from other sentence types, and if you leave out their joining elements, you turn them into run-on sentences. After you review the lesson, you can test your knowledge of compound sentences with a quiz.

What is a Complex Sentence? - Examples & Concept

3. What is a Complex Sentence? - Examples & Concept

In this lesson, you will find out what a complex sentence is and how it's structured. You'll also learn about different sentence types and how dependent, or subordinate, clauses function in complex sentences.

Compound-Complex Sentence: Definition & Examples

4. Compound-Complex Sentence: Definition & Examples

In this lesson, you'll learn what a compound-complex sentence is, and how to use compound-complex sentences to make your writing more interesting. Take a look at some examples, and then test your knowledge with a quiz.

Sentence Fragments, Comma Splices and Run-on Sentences

5. Sentence Fragments, Comma Splices and Run-on Sentences

Sentence fragments, comma splices, and run-on sentences are grammatical and stylistic bugs that can seriously derail an otherwise polished academic paper. Learn how to identify and eliminate these errors in your own writing here.

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